Thursday, January 22, 2009

Naturally CranBerry Omega

AgroLabs, Inc. announced today the newest addition to their collection of liquid nutrition to promote healthier lifestyles, Naturally CranBerry Omega™; which provides all the benefits of the cranberry with 300 mg of Omega 3 derived directly from cranberry seeds. The fatty acids in Omega 3 are vital to proper cell function - and the health benefits are numerous - including healthy joints, anti-inflammation, and cardiovascular health. Many people avoid Omega 3 supplements because of the fish oil taste or their reaction to it, but now consumers can reap the benefits of Omega-3 with a great-tasting cranberry flavor. In addition, each bottle contains 16 convenient one once liquid servings.

CranBerry Omega™ is paving the way in liquid nutrition by offering the unique combination of great taste and the Omega 3 supplement. “We are thrilled to bring CranBerry Omega™ to consumers looking for new ways to boost their health,” AgroLabs spokeswoman Kerry Kirk commented. “CranBerry Omega™ is the perfect combination of a great tasting supplement fortified with Omega 3 in order to maximize the health benefits of the naturally occurring Omega 3.”

The key ingredient found in CranBerry Omega™, Omega 3, is most commonly ingested through various types of fish and other items like the flax seed. Now Omega 3 can be found in a completely new variety. With all of the benefits of the cranberry, fortified with 300mg of Omega 3, CranBerry Omega™ offers a wide range of benefits that influence nearly every bodily function – and it has an enjoyable cranberry taste to boot.

Other recent additions to the AgroLabs liquid nutrition product line include Naturally Acai Xtra™, Green Envy Daily Detox™, and Peaceful Sleep™. Naturally Acai Xtra™, of the Acai Berry fame, promotes energy, healthy digestion, and good health. Green Envy™ provides a premium blend of natural superfoods that cleanse the body, support digestion, and promote a healthy immune system. Lastly, Peaceful Sleep™ contains ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, and passion flower, to assist the body in getting a healthy night’s sleep.

Since 2004, AgroLabs, Inc. has been a driving force in liquid nutrition by delivering unique supplement forms in order to provide maximum health benefits to consumers. AgroLabs addresses the needs of health conscious consumers and uses their unique talents, resources, and technologies in order to provide the finest products in a manner that protects the environment. The nutritional market is evolving, and AgroLabs is pleased to lead the way and pioneer new product innovation, such as the CranBerry Omega™. CranBerry Omega™ is paving the way to provide nutrition in liquid form, all the while maintaining a delicious taste.

Consumers can find CranBerry Omega™, Naturally Acai Xtra™, Green Envy Daily Detox™, and Peaceful Sleep™ by visiting And starting in March, CranBerry Omega™ will be available in Costco stores in the Northeast United States.

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