Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chamber Grill

"The Chamber Grill" Proving To Be More Than Just A Grill.
Unique Grilling Process Allows For Unprecedented Cooking & Grilling

(Vidalia, Georgia) - It's a patented grill design that allows for a variety
of different cooking methods and techniques including; grilling, roasting,
searing, steaming, frying, boiling, and even baking. Sikes Cookers & Grills,
Inc. has launched The Chamber which is revolutionizing outdoor cooking by
allowing anyone to use their outdoor cooker/grill in the same way one would
use a stove or oven in a kitchen.

How Does The Chamber Grill Work?
The patented process of The Chamber is what sets it apart. The grill is
divided into separate sections: a unique partition; a direct side; and an
indirect side. The direct side is obviously where the burners are located. A
cooking grate is directly above the heat and flame of the burners. This
makes it ideal for searing or using it like a stove top. It can cook the
perfect steak on this side or boil a pot of potatoes.

The indirect side is of course dedicated to indirect heat. This means that
it basically works like any oven in a home. Using convection heating, food
is cooked from all sides, not just from the bottom. So it could cook a
roast, or bake a cake. By using both indirect heat and direct heat, users
are not limited to what they can do on the grill.

The water partition: Separating the two cooking sides of The Chamber is the
most unique feature found on any grill and is what makes this process work. By adding
water into this partition, moisture is pulled up and into food as heat from the direct side
travels over and into the indirect side. Adding flavored liquids or spices to the water
allows the grill to basically marinade as it cooks, infusing food with whatever wonderful flavors a
griller chooses to add. And with the patented system, one can cook with direct heat without worrying
about flame-ups.

The Chamber Grill retails for $899 and is available at:
or in stores this coming Spring.

For more information visit Sikes Cookers online at
or call 888-832-6717

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