Thursday, January 29, 2009

New food prep ideas

New foodie concepts are making cooking and entertaining easier! These new products will add some fun to the preparation.

Butter Cutter:
Ditch the old-school butter dish for ultimate convenience with the One Click Butter Cutter. With a simple click, perfect pats of butter are instantly on your waffles, toast or anything that needs a little flavor. This gadget is easy to operate, perfect for cooking and conveniently stores butter.
Price: $17.95

Ergo Chef Santoku:
Ergo ChefPrice: $82.00

Twist Plastic shot cups designed for Jello shots. A couple quick turns of the wrist and Jello Shot pours out with no hassle or mess. By simply twisting the lip of the shot glass, an inner blade like mechanism rotates inside an outer cup separating the Jello from the edge of the cup. These shot cups eliminate the need for scooping out the Jello with your fingers. Comes in four bright, fun colors: blue, yellow, orange and pink in 3 different package sizes. Simply fill, chill, twist and shoot!
$10.99 for pack of 20

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