Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Organic Vegan Truffles & Caramels

For more than a decade, Allison’s Gourmet has been delighting customers throughout North America with organic and vegan gourmet treats made from the finest ingredients. Today, the leading online organic gift shop (www.allisonsgourmet.com) is announcing a new 2-Piece Chocolates Box featuring their luscious organic vegan truffles and caramels.

Designed as a chocolate turn-down treat for owners of Bed & Breakfasts, Lodges and Hotels to give to their guests, the 2-Piece Chocolates Box from Allison's Gourmet offers a healthier way to indulge in something sweet because the premium truffles and caramels are freshly made with only the finest organic ingredients available. All of the gourmet goodies from Allison's Gourmet are free of animal ingredients, cholesterol and highly-refined sweeteners. So, although their organic treats are delicious for everyone, they are of special appeal to people with food sensitivities or who lead a vegan lifestyle.

Customers purchasing the new Allison’s Gourmet 2-Piece Chocolates Box can choose from six delicious varieties: Peanut Caramel, Pecan Caramel, Chocolate Caramel, Hazelnut Truffle, Almond Truffle and Mocha Truffle. The price for each gift box is $5.00, and like all of the scrumptious treats from Allison's Gourmet, it is artistically presented in eco-friendly gift packaging. The 2-Piece Chocolates Box also makes a great party favor for weddings and other special occasions.

In addition to the 2-Piece Chocolates Box, Allison's Gourmet also offers organic, vegan fair-trade chocolate "mints for the pillow". These small disks are in the shape of coins (rounds) and can be purchased in mint, plain dark chocolate or orange. They are sold for $1.00 each.

The collection from Allison's Gourmet also includes Vegan Fudge; Gourmet Cookies and Brownies; Chocolate Cups and Barks; Individually-wrapped Caramels; Crunchy Almond Toffees; Peanut Brittles; and Organic Coffee, Tea and Hot Cocoa. The Gourmet Gift Baskets and Gourmet Organic Gift Tins make spectacular gifts, and Sampler Packs are available for those who can't make up their mind and want to try some of everything.

Allison's Gourmet also offers popular Monthly Clubs that automatically deliver fresh baked cookies, brownies, and fudge each month. Members of the Cookie of the Month Club, the Brownie of the Month Club, and the Fudge of the Month Club also receive a 15% discount off all regularly priced orders. The Club Gourmet program, which sends cookies, brownies, and fudge each month to members, offers a 20% discount.

Artisan Baked Goodies
Allison's Gourmet offers a flavor and style of treat for everyone. Fudge flavors include: Original Vegan Fudge and Walnut Vegan Fudge, and rotating Flavors of the Month. Cookie flavors include: Classic Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Pecan, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Snickerdoodle, and rotating Flavors of the Month. Brownie flavors include: Original Heavenly Fudge, Pecan Heavenly Fudge, Half Original/Half Pecan Brownies, and rotating Flavors of the Month. Other confections include Vegan Chocolates Assortment, Just Vegan Caramels and Just Vegan Truffles. The Cups are offered in Organic Vegan Peanut Butter and Organic Vegan Peppermint Creme (think York Peppermint Patties for Foodies!). The Bark options include Organic Vegan Chocolate Almond Bark and Organic Vegan Peppermint Stick Bark. Individually-wrapped Caramels are available in Vanilla, Chocolate (think Tootsie Rolls for grown-ups!), and Chipotle, for the adventurous palate. Crunchy Almond Toffee flavors include Original and Chocolate, and Peanut Brittle is offered in Original and Spiced (with cinnamon and a touch of cayenne).

Organic Café – Tea, Hot Cocoa & Coffee
To compliment all of the exquisite products, consumers can also purchase premium organic beverages including teas, tisanes, hot cocoa and coffee. Allison's Gourmet Organic Teas and Tisanes are superior-grade loose-leaf teas and naturally caffeine-free herbal infusions. Allison's Gourmet Organic Hot Cocoa is a signature cocoa made with simple premium ingredients for a delicious cup of chocolate purity. All of the Allison's Gourmet Organic Coffees are not only organic, they are Fair Trade certified and shade-grown, too. These café items are available for food service as well.

"We choose organic ingredients for the health of the planet and its inhabitants, fair-trade for the economic health of farmers and shade grown for the protection of wildlife habitats," says company founder Allison Rivers Samson. "We are proud to offer decadence with a conscience," adds Samson.

Allison's Gourmet is not just socially responsible, it is award-winning, too. The online bakery has received Veggie Awards from VegNews Magazine as the Favorite Online Bakery in 2006 and the in Favorite Brownie 2004.

A life-long passion for sweets, coupled with a reverence for our planet and all of its inhabitants led Allison Rivers Samson to open Allison's Gourmet in 1997. Since then, Allison's Gourmet has been shipping their exquisite premium baked goods to homes and businesses all over the continent, including some of Hollywood's most prestigious addresses. Allison, whom lives in Northern California, completed her training at The School of Natural Cookery in Boulder, Colorado.

For more information about Allison's Gourmet including a complete list of ingredients and prices, please visit www.allisonsgourmet.com.

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