Friday, October 17, 2008

Southern French Holiday Cuisine

Most Southern cookbooks usually feel and taste somewhat provincial, as though their cuisine can only exist below the Mason-Dixon Line. Virginia Willis’s cuisine is the opposite. Although her food is undeniably Southern, it comes across as international, universal even. Other than Patricia Wells and Marcella Hazan, I cannot think of another cook who has managed to pull this off.”
— Alton Brown

Chef and cookbook author of the critically acclaimed BON APPÉTIT, Y’ALL (Ten Speed Press; May 2008; $32.50/hardcover; ISBN-13:978-1-58008-853-4), Virginia Willis says, "I love to combine the traditional dishes of my Southern childhood with the recipes, dishes, and techniques I learned in France. It’s the best of both worlds for me and my family during the holidays."

With her “simple-is-best” philosophy, Willis uses the finest ingredients and relies on classic French technique to let them shine through in a style she calls “refined Southern cuisine.” Experience Virginia Willis’ joie de vivre this holiday season as you learn the stories and recipes that transform family gatherings and home-cooked meals into priceless memories.

This book is brimming with dishes that will adorn any holiday meal, from Thanksgiving to New Years and beyond Don’t let the season’s bounty pass you by without adding the recipes from BON APPÉTIT, Y’ALL to your holiday repertoire.

About the Author

Virginia Willis is a French-trained chef, food writer, cooking teacher, and television producer. She has worked with Martha Stewart, Bobby Flay, and Nathalie Dupree, and her articles have appeared in Country Living, Family Fun, and Eating Well. She lives in Atlanta and is available for interviews. Visit for more information.

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