Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brand New "Kiss" - A Fun Line Of Jewelry For The Hershey Corporation

Hope Paige Designs (, a licensed jewelry designer for the Hershey Chocolate
Corporation, has released the new Hershey Fun Line of jewelry. Now,
jewelry lovers can enjoy a "kiss" that lasts forever.

The Hershey Fun Line of jewelry hits the market along with the new
release of Hershey personalized chocolate Kisses. Though it's not real
chocolate, the Hershey jewelry items look like real Hershey Kisses
plated in silver or wrapped in sterling. Whether you love the new kiss
with a tiny red enamel heart, a birthday kiss with 12 sparkling
crystals the colors of birthstones, a brand new pink crystal charm
with the "she" in HERSHEY in pink for a baby girl or the "he" in
HERSHEY for a boy, there are brand new styles that make amazing
holiday gifts. Each charm comes on a 20" necklace in a bright-colored
keepsake tin.

Besides the Fun Line a more traditional line features a 14K baby wrap
kiss charm, a watch, a sterling silver double kiss bracelet, a silver-
plated charm, and sterling silver kiss earrings. For men, there are
kiss cuff links and a kiss tie tack.

Hope Paige Designs is known for creating beautiful awareness jewelry
as well as medical emergency bracelets and other specialty items. The
company helps promote awareness for breast cancer and juvenile
diabetes. Some of the "kisses" are just for fun while a few Hershey
jewelry pieces are designed to promote cancer awareness. One example
is the sterling silver breast cancer charm featuring a lovely pink

Shelly Fisher, one of the company's founders, states, "Whether one
buys a kiss jewelry item for a new baby or other celebration, an
anniversary, a charm for a cancer survivor (a portion of the proceeds
of that charm will be used to support the Young Survivor Coalition) or
just to say I Love You, there is no better way to give someone special
a kiss."

Hope Paige Designs announces the line's release just in time for the
2008 Christmas holiday season. The jewelry appeals to people of all
ages - from teens to seniors and everyone in between. Hershey Kiss
lovers who are seeking a unique gift idea are sure to adore this new
amazing line of jewelry.

About Hope Paige Designs

Hope Paige Designs was founded in 2003 and has grown to become one of
the leading designers of fashionable awareness jewelry and
contemporary medical emergency bracelets. Shelly Hope Fisher and Lisa
Paige Hobyak started out making only breast cancer awareness jewelry,
but their licensed product line soon expanded to help other
organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Make A
Wish Foundation, Relay for Life, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research

The company is also the originator of the Cure Diabetes Child Charm,
which is now used universally as an awareness item in the fight
against juvenile diabetes. With its line of awareness bracelets, pins,
key chains, and charms, Hope Paige Designs combines awareness with
style, helping those who are fighting for a good cause to spread the

More information about the Hershey Fun Line of jewelry is available at
the Web address below:


Anonymous said...

Saw these! They are really cute~

Anonymous said...

The kisses are adorable, I bought them for birthday gifts and all my friends love them.

Anonymous said...

They are adorable, bought the HE, SHE for my friends who just had babies....they wear them everday. So many selections, just adorable.