Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Green Smoothies

We all know that we aren't getting enough green leafy veggies in our diet, but what's a red-blooded, meat and potatoes American supposed to do? The stuff that's good for you always tastes so bad...until now! In Green for Life, author Victoria Boutenko teaches you how to make the world-renown green smoothie and love each refreshing sip.

Dr. A. William Menzin, former consultant to the World Health Organization, professor and physician at Harvard Medical School says, "This remarkable woman has developed a strategy for helping ordinary Americans (the ones who love ice cream and steak and French fries and pizza) introduce green living foods into their life in a delicious and habit forming way."

A green smoothie is a mix of mostly greens and fruits pureed into gorgeous verdant concoctions, which are not only healthful, but tasty as well. The book is loaded with many delectable recipes. But, this book isn't just some trendy, new craze. Boutenko backs up her dietary claims with hard science.

She developed the green smoothie after realizing that chimpanzees share almost 99.4% of their genes with humans, and yet our diets couldn't be more different. Chimps eat mostly greens, blossoms and fruit. Americas, on the other hand, ingest large amounts of cooked carbohydrates, like rice and pasta. After additional research and investigation, Boutenko saw how disease resistant chimps are and began to look at incorporating more greens into her diet. After some trial and error, the green smoothie was born.

"Whenever friends or customers came in, they saw a big green cup next to my computer and I treated them to a sample of my new discovery." Says Boutenko. "To my great satisfaction, everybody loved it, despite their different dietary habits." Catch the "green wave" today!

Green for Life is available from www.rawfamily.com, www.Borders.com, www.BarnesandNoble.com, www.Amazon.com, Baker & Taylor, and Whole Foods Market.

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Kristen's Raw said...

Victoria is a true rock star.

I'm happy she's helping people (of all diet walks) change by adding green smoothies. They're awesome!