Monday, October 13, 2008

Fernside Children's Art Comes to KZF Gallery

KZF Gallery will open a unique exhibit called “Giving Grief Form” set to open October 16 and run through December. The works are presented by Fernside, a nonprofit organization designed to help the healing process of grieving children and teens after the loss of a loved one. Children in the Fernside programs are encouraged to creatively express their feelings of loss through their artwork, making the pieces a true display of their emotions. It is the children’s artwork that will be exhibited in the KZF Gallery show.

A variety of art forms will be featured in this exhibit. The art genres include collages, masks, Inuit stone Inuksuk figures, cracked pots, Tibetan prayer flags and animals shaped from clay. Children’s memories of their loved ones are invoked in their artwork. The process of creating the pieces enabled the children to express their feelings at the time of their losses and to find wholeness and strength once again.

The exhibit is being held in honor and remembrance of Rachel Burrell (1928-2007), the founder of Fernside, and George Kral (1920-2007), the founder and former CEO of KZF Design. Mr. Kral set the tone and attitude still present in the “core values” of KZF Design. Mrs. Burell, a pioneer in children’s grief, started the nation’s second center for grieving children and families. She paved the way for similar programs across the country.

The exhibit “Giving Grief Form” is open to the public October 16 through December. The KZF Gallery is located in the corporate offices of KZF Design in the Baldwin Building, 655 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati. Exhibit hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Admission is free.

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