Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mixer Bible Second Edition

A stand mixer is an indispensable kitchen tool that many cooks, especially bakers, can't live without. With today's wide array of impressive optional attachments and accessories, its functions extend far beyond baking, making it the quintessential food preparation machine. With the right attachments, a stand mixer can be used for everything from grinding meat and slicing vegetables to stuffing sausages and making pasta. THE MIXER BIBLE, SECOND EDITION (Robert Rose; October 2008; $27.95/softcover; ISBN: 0-7788-0203-5), featuring 40 new recipes, contains more than 300 recipes designed exclusively for the stand mixer and its attachments.

“As cooking teachers we are always surprised to find that so many of our students don’t own a stand mixer, and if they do, they are often unaware of all that it can do,” say Deeds and Snyder. “The evolution of the stand mixer makes a book like this a must. Our goal is to help home cooks understand this marvelous piece of culinary equipment and ease into a comfortable working relationship with it and all its attachments.”

THE MIXER BIBLE, SECOND EDITION has a vast assortment of delicious recipes, everything from Hearty Harvest Roasted Vegetable Soup to Mocha Almond Ice Cream. Deeds and Snyder developed unique recipes that cover the globe in flavors and textures such as:
§ Moroccan-Style Lamb Turnovers
§ New England Clam Chowder
§ Tomatillo Chicken Tamales
§ Ginger-Spiked Tuna Burgers
§ Asian Coleslaw
§ Thai Beef Meatballs with Peanut Dipping Sauce

There is also an assortment of traditional favorites like:
§ Beef Wellington
§ Turkey Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Crust
§ Ham and Pork Roast with Apricot Glaze
§ Corn Fritters with Sausage
§ Ultimate Steak Burgers
§ Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
§ Winter Vegetable Gratin
§ Potato Latkes

Fresh breads and pastas are also easily whipped up in stand mixers as are an array of delicious desserts such as Holiday Sugar Cookies, The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie, Russian Wedding Cakes, Plum Upside-Down Cake, Chocolate Napoleon with Berries and Raspberry Coulis, and Rustic Pear Frangipane Tart.

While whipping, kneading, and slicing your way through this book, cooks will gain valuable insight into basic cooking techniques and tips on how to achieve success in the kitchen. So pull out your stand mixer, dust it off and dive in. Cooking was never so fun and easy. THE MIXER BIBLE, SECOND EDITION is a wonderful way to compliment the chef this holiday season or gift inspiration to a new cook.

About the Authors
After growing up in the restaurant business and spending two years at California State Polytechnic University’s Restaurant School, Meredith Deeds set out on a career that, 20 years later, has allowed her to cook, teach, and write (all over the country) in all places big and small. Meredith’s passion for fresh, seasonal cooking combined with her fun, energetic, “you can do it!” approach to teaching, writing, speaking and culinary event planning has helped hundreds of people feel good about cooking, and given them the confidence they need to express their own creativity in the kitchen. With “pen-pal” Carla Snyder, Meredith is the author of several cookbooks, including The Mixer Bible, The Take-Out Menu Cookbook, and The Big Book of Appetizers, a nominee for the 2007 James Beard Awards. Meredith lives in Minneapolis, MN.

After a semester studying in Europe, it became obvious to Carla Snyder that a large portion of the world didn’t eat to live, but lived to eat. With a BA in Journalism in hand, she began a 30-year culinary journey as a caterer, cooking school teacher, artisan baker, food writer, corporate culinary event planner, cookbook co-author and co-owner of Kitchen Counter Points cooking school. Carla’s passion for all cuisines has helped thousands to get delicious food on the dinner table with more ease, fun and style. With “pen-pal” Meredith Deeds, Carla is the author of 4 cookbooks. The duo is presently busy at work on The Little Black Dress Cookbook (2009). Carla lives in Hudson, Ohio.

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