Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unique Bamboo Kitchen Carts & Countertops

A company known for creating thepopular bamboo cutting boards and kitchen countertops is really"rolling" now with its unique new line of "green" bamboo kitchen& bar carts and work station. The Totally Bamboo rolling cartsare as beautiful as they are functional, with three different36-inch high models with surfaces ranging from 24" to 60"across, and the work station - our "Big Island" - offers a 25" x60" free standing work area.

"These are not to be mistaken for cheap Tiki bars by any means,"says Totally Bamboo President Tom Sullivan. "These carts are notmade from bamboo tubes, but high-quality, thin layers oflaminated bamboo pressed together to form planks similar to thenew flooring that have been all the rage for the last few years."

The carts are available with a patented 100% bamboo multilaminner core, which is made from hundreds of bamboo pieceslaminated together in an exclusive parquet pattern developed byTotally Bamboo. The Big Island is offered in a vertical grainpattern. The selections include:
All the selections can be seen at:

All the carts except the Big Island sport sturdy wheels allowingthe units to be rolled from room to room or locked in place forstability. The Totally Bamboo Kitchen Carts range in price from$850 to $1,500 and are available from better gourmet specialtystores, Sur La or directly from

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Solid Bamboo Kitchen Countertops Prove Uniquely Beautiful,Durable & Environmentally Safe.

High-grade bamboo is a wood that hasproved popular in recent years for cutting boards, kitchenutensils and even flooring, but now it is making its way to thetop -- the countertop that is. After years of research andendless hours of kitchen testing, Totally Bamboo has unveiledits new solid bamboo counter tops. Totally Bamboo is the firstcompany to market this new 1.5" & 2" thick planks ready to befabricated into kitchen counters or islands.

With the experience gained from crafting over one millioncutting boards, Totally Bamboo has succeeded in perfecting themanufacturing process of thick, stable planks that not only lookincredibly beautiful, but are a green alternative to traditionalwood butcher block tops. 16% harder than maple, bamboo is simplya great choice for durable countertop surfaces.

All Totally Bamboo brand countertops are constructed withcross-band laminates called Multilam. "In our early testing, itwas discovered that this is the ideal way to glue-up bamboo,"says Totally Bamboo President Tom Sullivan, "keeping the plankboth flat and true, as well as greatly reducing the tendency totwist or warp." Sullivan says this unique Multilam glue-up hasthe benefit of providing a striking edge profile as well.

Totally Bamboo brand countertops are laminated with a completelynon-toxic, food grade, and most importantly, formaldehyde freeadhesive. In 2004, the World Health Organization re-designatedformaldehyde-based glue as a proven human carcinogen. TheTotally Bamboo countertops are offered in four different grainpatterns: Caramelized Flat Grain, Caramelized Vertical Grain andan exclusive Caramelized and Natural Parquet End Grain. Both the Flat Grain and Vertical Grain are available in 1 Planks come unfinished and sanded to 180 grit; ready to bespliced together for a kitchen island or installed ascountertops. Edges can be routed to suit any individual kitchenstyles.

Totally Bamboo recommends installation by a qualifiedwoodworking professional for home installation, but this bamboomaterial is simple to work with and can be easily installed bythe do-it-yourselfer as well. Totally Bamboo uses all-naturalmaterial, and as such, the material will have natural variationsin its coloration from plank to plank.

Sullivan says he knew this would generate a lot of interest butwas totally blown away with the avalanche of information requesthe has received. "People feel good about using this renewableresource and they are surprised that they can get such beautyand strength a without breaking the bank or the environment."

The Totally Bamboo countertops sell for $30 per square foot andare available or online at: or by calling:818.765.9000

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