Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gourmandia - Your Gateway to Great Cuisine

The whole family (and your wicked mother-in-law) are coming for dinner. You want to impress them. You need to impress them. However, your tried-and-true recipes are... tired! How about inviting a Michelin-starred chef over for a few suggestions? WWW.GOURMANDIA.COM makes this happen!

Bring Burgundyshow you how make his world-famous chicken fricassee with cream sauce. (His hint: ThereDarroze walk you through her recipe for roasted peaches. You see the chef in action... and you can print out the recipe.

And thatgo with these mouthwatering dishes. You can even learn how to fold napkins into the elegant shapes seen in the fanciest hotels of Europe. How about ordering the right wine for your dish right there on the site; and even grocery shopping for the right ingredients.

And more! You can watch videos about the top resorts around the world... and even recommend your favorite restaurants in your neighborhood. Enter the world of Great cuisine is only a mouse-click away!

NOTE: I don't write these, I copy them just as the come...

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