Monday, July 23, 2007

Maria's Style

Maria's Style all natural condensed soups offer that excellent additionto your everyday meals! Made from the highest all natural qualityingredients, they are sure to please your palette.

On that cold day or just for a change of pace, our condensed soups will"hit the spot"! Ready in 5 minutes! Gift boxes, baskets, and specialtygifts, are a tasteful idea for gifts for your friends, relatives, andthat hard to buy for person. One for every special person, moment,holiday, birthday, or just "because".

How it all began: The Reid family moved from the west coast in 1984 and found that there were no salsas we liked in the stores. Having a taste for fresh products, they began making their own salsa using ingredients from their garden. They then discovered that many of our friends were not acquainted with salsa and they eagerly tried this newly created homemade fresh tasting salsa.

While we knew our salsa was good, we had no idea just how good! Many of our friends came back with empty jars asking for more, which we gladly supplied. After several years of encouragement from their friends, they went forward in marketing a full product line. Since Maria, was the chief cook and bottle washer, they decided to name the products "Maria's Style", and that's how the products were born.

Maria's Style maintains a high standard, in order to provide the most fresh tasting products. Today we service over 200 specialty stores and we continue to grow.

Sold At: (call or email for wholesale inquiries) Retail Price: From $6.50

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