Monday, July 16, 2007

Rariteas Blooming Teas A Umique Holiday Gift

Ideal for the holidays and all specialoccasions, RariTeas blooming white teas are a unique gift, a delicious andhealthy hot drink and a dazzling showpiece for the festive seasonal table.Blooming teas are handcrafted balls of uncut dried tea leaves that unfurl inhot water to reveal blooming jasmine, lilies, marigolds and other flowers. See them bloom at

RariTeas blooming teas are made in China by skilled artisans who, followingancient tradition, hand-tie the finest white tea leaves into a ball aroundperfectly dried flowers. When the balls are steeped in hot water, theyprovide a spectacular show as the tea leaves open and the flowers "bloom"before your eyes as they resume their original fresh loveliness. The resultis a delicately flavored cup of tea that is beautiful, aromatic and loadedwith health benefits.

RariTeas are made only with white tea, which has far greater health benefitsthan green or black tea. Studies show that white tea has the highestconcentration of antioxidants among all teas and thereby helps decrease LDLcholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Italso has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties not found in green orblack tea. As a result, white tea is fast becoming a focus of nationalmedical research in the U.S.

Asian culture has long held that some of the flowers in RariTeas possesshealth benefits as well. Marigold is believed to relieve stomach irritationand enhance immune function. Jasmine is thought to relief stress and helpprevent certain cancers, and Globosa is used to treat menstrual and liverdisorders.

RariTeas blooming teas also convey a uniquely personal message. There arefourteen different tea balls, each with its own flower arrangement andtheme, such as Honesty, Serenity, Loyalty, and Generosity. Choose the themeor assortment of themes that's appropriate for every recipient,personalizing the gift and making it more meaningful and heartfelt. RariTeasblooming white teas are a big hit with brides and event planners.

"People find the teas to be symbols of their heartfelt sentiments," saysRariTeas founder Martha Humphreys. "As my mother says, 'It's not the lover'sgift that counts so much as the giver's love.'" An entrepreneur looking fora way to give back, Humphreys was inspired to donate a percentage of allRariTeas profits to the Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society, a 103-year-oldnon-profit assisting the troops and their families. "I'm thrilled to havefound a product that brings comfort and a feeling of closeness to those faraway and terribly missed," she says.

RariTeas blooming white teas can be purchased online at Apackage of six bulbs in your choice of flowers and themes is available for$12.50. Each bulb makes a pot of tea for four, or can be steepedindividually three times. RariTeas is the only company to focus exclusivelyon white-tea-based blooming teas. They also offer a large selection ofunusual teaware (teapots, tea cups, and warmers) for those who enjoy uniquetea presentation accessories for everyday use or modern-day tea ceremonies.Gift sets of teaware and bulbs range from $33.00 to $75.00.

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