Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Look, Dude, I Can Cook!

When Amy Madden's son, Mark, went off to college, he would frequently call her for recipes of the home-cooked meals he was missing while learning to live on his own. Amy's daughter Megan-who was already a junior and knew her way around the kitchen- also called often for cooking advice. Finally, Amy decided to write down her recipes for Mark and Megan, which gave her the idea to create a resource for helping every college student make fun and nutritious meals to get them through their first years away from home.

Look, Dude, I Can Cook! Four Years of College Cooking Made Easy is divided into four sections: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. In progressive fashion, students can start with simple recipes and work their way toward fuss-free gourmet pleasers for everyday cooking and fun occasions alike.

Providing students with the know-how and confidence to cook healthy and delicious meals, Look, Dude, I Can Cook! offers shortcuts, money-saving tips, and even suggested tailgating menus. Also included are lists of essential cooking utensils and pantry items, as well as a glossary of cooking terms. Proving that just because you're off to college doesn't mean you have to do without home-cooked meals; this cookbook can be the perfect going-off-to-college gift.

Look, Dude, I Can Cook
Four Years of College Cooking Made Easy
Amy Madden
July 2007
$16.95/PB / 8-3/4 x 8
Syren Book Company