Friday, July 6, 2007

At Oma's Table

At Oma's Table has more than 100 Recipes and Remembrances from a Jewish Family's Kitchen (Perigee; September 4, 2007) by Doris Schecter. Rosh Hashana falls on September 13 and 14 this year, and Yom Kippur is September 22, so the book is timed perfectly.

At Oma's Table is a cookbook that spans four generations, three countries, and countless shared meals that held a resilient family together as they fled Vienna for small-town Italy, where they lived as "free prisoners,” and their subsequent move to America under the auspices of FDR.
The book's recipes, many of which Doris learned from her strong and charismatic grandmother, whom she called Oma, reflect her family's journey. They include traditional favorites like brisket, cholent, and borscht, as well as more contemporary favorites: all infused with the wisdom, know-how, and love that only a handed-down meal can convey.

Doris Schechter was born in Vienna to Jewish parents. In 1982 she opened My Most Favorite Dessert Company, which thrives in midtown Manhattan today. Doris lives in New York City.

On sale date: September 4, 2007

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