Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Bourbon Vanilla Sugar and Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Extract

Now available from Bourbon Barrel Foods are two baker's delights that add that special something to pies, cookies and even holiday cocktails-Bourbon Vanilla Sugar and Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Extract. The sugar is a natural raw cane sugar that is infused with genuine Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, adding both rich vanilla flavor and a clever wordplay on Kentucky's signature spirit. The Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla is a Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract aged for 6 months in bourbon barrels, a process that imparts rich tones of oak and caramel to everyone's favorite flavoring. The sugar is available in a 12 ounce jar for $6.95 and the vanilla is available in a four fluid ounce bottle for $8.95. Both products can be purchased along with other Bourbon Barrel Foods favorites like Bourbon Smoked Pepper and Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire at

Raw cane sugar and vanilla extract are pantry staples that add naturally rich flavor to a variety of pies, cookies, cakes and more. Raw cane sugar is refined with minimal chemical processing and retains its natural distinctive natural color and flavor. It is particularly useful for its crunchy texture and takes a starring role as topping for desserts like cobbler, pies and cookies. It also adds an unexpected twist to sweet cocktails when sprinkled on the rim of the glass. The addition of the vanilla flavor in Bourbon Barrel Foods' Bourbon Vanilla Sugar is a complement to the natural sweetness of the sugar and adds an unexpected surprise with the first taste!

Natural vanilla extract, long championed by professional chefs for its subtleties of flavor and robust concentration, delivers the full taste of the vanilla bean to favorite recipes. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, the sweet elixir that fills Bourbon Barrel Foods' barrels, is widely considered to be the highest quality vanilla in the world. The aging process of the Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla infuses sweet treats with unique subtleties and nuances of flavor that will have people guessing the secret ingredient.

Bourbon Barrel Foods is a maker of high-quality food products that reflect the rich heritage of Kentucky's Bourbon Country. Products include Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce, Bourbon Barrel Aged Soy Sauce, and Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, Pepper and Paprika, as well as a line of gourmet Sweet Sorghums. The products are available for gourmet retail outlets and food service. For additional information and recipes, visit

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