Thursday, September 11, 2008

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More and more of us are sourcing and eating locally and regionally – from Utah artisan cheese, jam made from special Maine blueberries, crab cakes made with Maryland Blue Crabs from the Chesapeake Bay, and delicious pralines from deep in the heart of Texas. Your grocer’s palate is unfortunately not so sophisticated, making these delicious treats hard to come by…until now. is a recently launched e-commerce site designed to be a one-stop resource for unique delicacies from across the country. Literally hundreds of foods are offered, all raised, caught or produced by local artisans, farmers, fishermen, ranchers, beekeepers, and other small specialty food companies. Behind each unique product is a merchant with a personal story:

Utah’s Beehive Cheese Company, an award-winning producer of artisan cheese, was founded by Tim Welsh and Pat Ford, who left the fast-paced world of software and real estate to seek a simpler way of life as artisan cheesemakers.
Lava Lake Ranch located just southeast of Sun Valley, Idaho produces all natural, grass-fed lamb that is raised sustainably, humanely, and without antibiotics or growth hormones.
At Massachusetts’ Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, owners Gregg Charbonneau and Barth Anderson support quality-driven producers to promote sound, responsible growing practices and economic sustainability.

“We searched, tasted, and interviewed consumers, food professionals and potential merchants to find the right foods and artisans for our site,“ explains Marsha Cade, co-founder. “Superb quality and great taste were our top criteria, plus we support sustainable and eco-friendly, farming and food production practices.”

Their exhaustive research turned up delicious results. The foods offered at span 11 different categories, from cheese and charcuterie to decadent desserts, representing some of the most sought after delicacies in the nation, many of which are sourced so locally they were previously only available at farmer’s markets.

Each order is packed with care to ensure the freshest product is delivered straight to your doorstep, easily and efficiently every time. Whether looking for a unique foodie gift, or the delicious just-for-you treat you deserve, is the perfect source. Sample Products

Wild Alaskan Salmon Company

Sara Pozonsky and Trish Kopp, owners of Wild Alaskan Salmon Company, are second generation Alaskans, both born and raised in South Central Alaska. They are among the wild spirits who are drawn to the adventure that comes from working on the ocean. Their products include Kenai River sockeye salmon, Alaskan king salmon, and SEABEEF — a salmon hand-selected as the “beefiest” premium grade of wild sockeye salmon. Alder smoked king salmon and Alaskan wild halibut are also available.

Robbins Family Farm Olive Oils

The Robbins Family Farm in California grows their own olives and presses their own extra virgin olive oil. Each label is from a portrait painted by Patti Robbins and each bottle is hand filled by husband Robbie Robbins, and signed before shipping. Their products include award winning extra virgin olive oils and blends. Eve’s Mandarin Blend is a delicate combination of freshly harvested mandarin oranges and extra virgin olive oil. Also included is their 18 year old balsamic vinegar.

Award Winning Beehive Cheese – Gift Package
*Available exclusively on,

From Utah artisan cheesemaker Beehive Cheese, this package of artisan cheese features three 8 oz packages of award winning cheese and a package of the company’s new Rusks, specialty crackers. Included are:

· Barely Buzzed Coffee and Lavender Rubbed Cheese – A labor-intensive cheese that’s hand-rubbed with a blend of lavender and coffee. 1st Place, Flavored Cheddar, American Cheese Society Annual Competition 2007 and 2008.
· Promontory Cheddar – An Irish-style cheese made with fresh Jersey cow’s milk: buttery, full-bodied and lively with snappy, citrus-like and fruity notes. 1st Place, Aged Cheddar 2008 IMPA Cheese Competition, Sun Valley Idaho.
· Promontory Cheddar: Smoked with English Walnut Shells and Apples – An Irish style cheese, cold smoked over local English Walnut Shells and sweet Utah Red Apples. 3rd Place, Open Class Smoked Cheese, American Cheese Society Annual Competition 2008.
· Beehive Rusks – These new specialty crackers are loaded with whole grains, nuts, rosemary, honey and dried Utah cherries – the perfect accompaniment for a Beehive Cheese tasting.

Flowering Tea Sampler – Gift Package
*Available exclusively on,

From Michigan-based Great Lakes Tea and Spice Company, this tea set includes an 18-ounce balloon glass teapot, eight flowering teas, as well as a tin of honey beads, golden drops made with caney syrups and honey that are the perfect tea sweetener. Flowering teas include:

· Coral Sunset – A hand-sewn flowering tea made with top-grade silver needle (white tea leaves) together with osmanthus and a coral lily flower.
· Harvest Moon – A brilliant orange carnation released when this bundle of silver needle white tea leaves is infused.
· Swimming Marigold – A hand-sewn flowering tea made with top-grade green tea leaves, marigold flowers and infused with jasmine.
· Twin Faeries Flowering Teas – Twin chains of dancing jasmine flowers unravel above a crimson globe amaranth flower while the delicate silver needle white tea leaves unfurl and sway below these graceful and faery-like flowers.
· Venus Blossom – An alluring ring of jasmine flowers appears from a bundle of silver needle white tea leaves. Venus Blossom offers up a deep red globe amaranth flower suspended over a yellow marigold. Enjoy the jasmine infused white tea flavor.

About the Founders

Marsha Cade and Caragh Whalen are passionate foodies with an entrepreneurial spirit. Seasoned public relations professionals by trade, Marsha Cade and Caragh Whalen are united by their love for the distinctive flavors of unique regional foods. They launched to help the artisans, farmers, fishermen, ranchers, and beekeepers that champion local flavors move beyond their local farmer’s market to reach a broader audience. For more information, please log onto

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