Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Local chef goes hi tech to prepare for Culinary Olympics

By day, he is associate director of admissions for University of
Cincinnatirestaurant. In his spare time he teaches at the Midwest Culinary
Institute. And now Andrew Vogel is part of a team of headed to the
prestigious IKA culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany this fall. Whathelping
the team keep track of recipes, ingredients, crates of equipment
and the overwhelming details of going for culinary gold?

Every four years, thousands of the world's top chefs and confectioners
compete in the International Culinary Olympics held in Germany. This
October, Andrew and another associate are supporting a three-chef team in
their quest for success at the Culinary Olympics. The team depends on
their tablet PCs and ritePen 3.0 from Ritescript to distribute notes from
every team meeting, track recipes, recipe changes and ingredients, and the
overwhelming task of packing more than 7 crates full of everything the
chefs will need for the competition number of spatulas, the right pans, and the chefs.
"If I take notes with pen and paper I'm doubling my work because I would
have to re-enter everything into a computer, but a kitchen is a very
inhospitable environment for a laptop computer,difficult to find a suitable
place to set it down and you canwhile holding it. My tablet PC and ritePen 3.0
solved the problem! I hold my tablet PC like a notebook, and with ritePen 3.0
I can take notes in the way that is most natural to me cooking on the line, I can
take notes on ingredients and techniques and this would be impossible using a laptop.
The macros in ritePen 3.0 help Vogel by providing shortcuts. Writing a
chefRather than writing out a common cooking term such as combination of onions,
carrots and celery), he enters a macro and the term is spelled out automatically.

With ritePen 3.0, I can write anywhere on the screen which is a huge
feature. My meeting notes, notes made on the line in the kitchen, or notes
jotted down for equipment that needs packed all turn automatically into
text and I can easily email them to share them with the whole team.
Alan Neace is a seasoned chef on this Culinary Olympics-bound team; he has already
cooked up 12 Gold Medals, 5 Silver and 12 Bronze at previous Culinary Olympics.

The most critical element for preparing for the Olympics is getting
quality feedback and recording it somehow so we can improve on our next
attempt,Using ritePen, Alan can make immediate entries into his recipes or
procedures. A master chef may be offering comment and critique, and as
quickly they are talking, Alan uses ritePen to make notes. With ritePen,
he doesnnotes into a computer. smoothly!Since they all have busy lives outside
preparing for the Culinary Olympics, the teammake the best use of their limited time,
keeping the team moving fast and efficiently toward Culinary Olympics Gold!

Background on Culinary Olympics:
Officially called the Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung (IKA) for the
past 100 years, the event is known as the culinary "Olympics" because
competition tests chefs in much the same way the sports Olympics do. The
event began as a local cooking contest in 1896 at the Frankfurt
fairgrounds which remained the location of all the competitions until 1996
when the competition moved to Berlin, and now the gastronomic paradise of

IKA 2008 will be the biggest assemblage of culinary professionals ever: 40
national teams, 90 Regional Teams, 11 military teams and 2000 chefs and
confectioners will be competing for medals and the Olympic Champion Title
at the Culinary Olympics 2008 in Erfurt, Germany from October 19 - 23,
2008. Competitors will be demonstrating their top culinary performance in
twenty categories that encompass every area of haute cuisine and

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