Monday, September 8, 2008

Benedicta Brings Four Delicious French-Made Sauces To The U.S.

The essence of French cuisine lies in its sauces. It can be said that the quality of a French chef’s sauces can define his reputation. Benedicta’s sauces are given the same demanding attention and made with the same passion as a top French chef to deliver an excellent-quality gourmet condiment lush with exciting and intriguing flavors. These creamy sauces are ready to use out of the jar and bring sophistication to any dish.

The Bearnaise sauce, blending shallots and tarragon, can be served with broiled and grilled meat and vegetables. It is equally delicious on baked potatoes or as a dipping sauce for fries. The Burgundy sauce brings together the flavors of a full-bodied red wine, tomatoes, and shallots. It goes perfectly with red meat, in vegetable stews, and also as a topping condiment for hamburgers. Creamy Garlic is well-suited to complement fish, seafood, vegetables both fresh and steamed, chicken, and fries or even potato chips. The Peppercorn sauce is a sure-to-be staple with any meat: red meat, pork, and poultry alike.

This new brand has great potential for any retailer’s shelf: It presents new flavors and versatile uses in unique packing for the consumer. Though the Benedicta sauces are traditionally known as “cold” table sauces, its versatility (hot and cold use on almost any food), convenience (one sauce for a gourmet meal), and international appeal (French cuisine’s world-renowned excellence) make it suitable for display in a condiment section among traditional products or highlighted in an international section.


Anonymous said...

I tried the Garlic Creamy sauce for Thanksgiving 2009. It was such a delightful and new experience with my steamed green beans with turkey bacon

St. Petersburg, FL said...

A dab of Benedicta w/ peppercorns tucked inside of chicken Cordon Bleu just about the perfect sin.