Thursday, August 28, 2008

Westinghouse Digital offers the first LCD HDTV/DVD player with 1080p resolution

The VK-40F580D is the first LCD HDTV/DVD player combo unit to offer full 1080p resolution -- the highest standard available to consumers for HD digital video display.

The VK-40F580D is the perfect home theater centerpiece for a living room, bedroom or den. As the perfect all-inclusive entertainment solution, the VK-40F580D includes an integrated Front Loading DVD Player that utilizes Westinghouse Digital’s PixelDirect™ technology to deliver DVD video to the screen using a direct path and the least amount of signal processing. The VK-40F580D also upscales standard DVDs to 1080p resolution on the screen.

The convenience of the VK-40F580D’s all-in-one design includes a Photo Viewer to display digital photos via USB in Full HD. Users can either transfer the photos to a USB thumb drive or use an SD-USB adapter (or any flash media USB adapter) to view the picture directly from a digital camera without the need for a PC. In addition, a digital camera or cell phone can be connected directly to the USB port on the VK-40F580D to view photos or a slide show.

The VK-40F580D features:

· 1080Pure™ for 1080p resolution out of all HD connectors
· Smart Front Slot Load DVD player that upconverts standard DVD's to 1080p
· Multiple HD input connectors including 2 HDMI with Westinghouse’s innovative SpineDesign construction for clutter-free cable management
· An ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM tuner
· Preset and custom video modes for an exceptional viewing experience
· User-friendly Autosource feature with Autowake and Autoswitch with DVD insertion
· MSRP: $1,049

The VK-40F580D is one of many new models added to the Westinghouse Digital HDTV lineup. You can see of all Westinghouse Digital's new HDTVs, as well as its newest LCD monitors, digital photo frames, and other news here:

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