Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Swiss are Famous for Watches Not Water: Drink Authentically With Ferrarelle

Creamy Bufala Mozzarella, the sweetest San Marzano tomatoes, the best pasta from Gragnano – you search out the finest authentic ingredients to prepare the best Neapolitan cuisine. So why serve water from a Swiss multinational, Pellegrino, Perrier? There is an authentic Campania alternative: Ferrarelle, Italy's favorite naturally sparkling spring water. Isn't it time you make the switch?

Located in Campania's naturally beautiful countryside near Caserta on the Riardo plain, Ferrarelle was founded in 1893. However, the unique phenomenon of the mineral water goes back millennia with the formation of the subterranean strata through which flows the rain waters that ultimately after a 10 year journey feed the Ferrarelle natural spring. Each of Ferrarelle's bubbles has all the natural richness of precious healthy minerals: calcium, bicarbonate, which helps to facilitate digestion, and silica, essential to delay the aging process of tissue and potassium.

Ferrarelle mineral water has a unique taste which is soft and fresh; its sparkles smoothly on the palate, making it a perfect food accompaniment including everything from antipasti to desserts. Because of its natural sensory qualities, Ferrarelle goes particularly well with cheese dishes, crepes, ravioli and white meat with delicate sauces. It's excellent with pizza too.

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