Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GrillGrates Dominate World Championship Steak Cook-Off in Magnolia, AR

Four of the five money winners in the hotly contested World Championship Steak Cook-off® grilled on GrillGrates, the award winning new grilling surface. The 23rd annual competition saw 78 teams competing for the $4000 grand prize and money was paid through fifth place.

WTF Team 2012 Champion $4000 First Prize.

GrillGrates are new technology at the grill surface. Includes The GrateTool for easy lifting not scraping. The WTF Team (Walker Tree Farm) won this year's contest followed closely by the two previous year's winners, United Steaks of America Cook Team, and Shorty Dunn and The Cook-em Up Gang. All three teams have been consistently winning steak competitions in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas with GrillGrates.

"GrillGrates are new technology at the grill surface that simply grills food better." According to Brad Barrett, Founder and President of GrillGrate LLC. "GrillGrate won product of the year from the BBQ Pro's of the National Barbecue Association in 2009 and now they are helping win championships."

Most teams make their own rubs, a few make marinades and they all guard their processes carefully. Johnny Joseph of Shorty Dunn's cook team commented after the awards ceremony that "A 'Steakment' was made in Magnolia!" "A steakment certainly was made and the secret is getting out that GrillGrates grill great steaks!" added Barrett.

GrillGrates are interlocking panels that form a new cooking surface on any grill. They lay on top of the existing grates or replace them altogether. The raised rail design allows for juices, marinades and sauces to sizzle in the valleys resulting in juicier more flavorful food. GrillGrates bring out foods natural flavors by protecting from charring flare-ups while vaporizing and sizzling juices and marinades back to the food for added flavor. GrillGrates are available at hardware, house-ware and outdoor retailers as well as on-line at grillgrate.com and amazon.com. They are available in a variety of lengths as well as custom sizes for the Weber Kettle and Kamado style grills.

The Annual World Championship Steak Cook-off is part of the Magnolia Blossom Festival, held the 3rd Saturday in May in Magnolia, Arkansas. After turn-ins are made, 3500 steak dinner plates are served to the public. The teams grill rib-eyes provided to them and the public is invited to pick their steak from one of the teams. The award ceremony follows a sit-down dinner on the town square.

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