Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cookbook writer and mom proves you CAN cook delicious food for children without butter, white flour & added sugar

It's true: all of the recipes in Emily Rose's cookbooks, HEALTHY HOME COOKING FOR KIDS and HAVE YOUR CAKE are made without butter, white flour and added sugar-but kids still love them. The recipes include such crowd pleasers as spinach and mushroom lasagna, honey soy drumsticks, carrot cake, and a dessert pizza with chocolate and strawberries.

"When it comes to feeding our children, parents only want what's best for them-and kids only want what tastes good. I wrote my books to make both happy," says Emily.HEALTHY HOME COOKING FOR KIDS includes snacks, meals, side dishes, and even a special birthday party section. HAVE YOUR CAKE is a collection of delectable dessert recipes, most which take only around 10 minutes to prepare. There is no sifting of flour or difficult methods and most can be made with just a bowl and a whisk.

All recipes are made from healthy ingredients that are high in fiber and low in sugars and saturated fat. As a busy mom of four kids ranging from ages four to twelve, Emily knows that parents are juggling lots of responsibilities and the time they can devote to cooking is often less than they would like. That's why all recipes are quick and easy to prepare.

"In both books my challenge was to make healthier versions of traditional recipes without sacrificing flavor," says Emily. To do this she turned her kitchen into a laboratory and recruited her kids as kitchen hands and taste testers. Emily and her kids experimented with healthier ingredients, like honey and whole wheat flour, until they won raves for everything from snacks to dessert. "Along the way, my kids learned that they can still have delicious meals and treats, using healthy ingredients without lots of preservatives, additives and artificial colors and flavors," she says. "Cooking is a great time to spend with your children. The more involved your kids are in the preparation and tasting the different ingredients, the more likely they will be to eat and enjoy the end result." And she has the photos to prove it!

Butter, for example, is high in saturated fats. As an alternative Emily uses rice bran oil, which is a lot lower in saturated fats and free of trans fat. As a replacement for refined sugar, which plays a role in obesity and tooth decay, Emily uses raw honey, a natural sweetener. Her recipes require considerably less amounts of honey to achieve the same sweetness as refined sugar. In addition, raw honey is an unprocessed source of beneficial nutrients. Using whole-wheat flour instead of white flour provides a higher concentration of fiber and the same great flavor and texture as what you would get with white flour.

Emily Rose is a Melbourne, Australia-based mom of four and an expert in healthy home cooking. She holds a degree in Commerce from Monash University. Visit her at:

ABOUT THE BOOKS: Have Your Cake * April 2012 * $19.95 ISBN 978-0-646-57668-8
Healthy Home Cooking for Kids * April 2012 * $19.95 ISBN 978-0-646-57305-2
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