Friday, May 25, 2012

LocalEats Names Best Barbecue Restaurants in America

Memorial Day weekend is here and neighborhoods will soon be engulfed in the low smoke of backyard grills. Friends and loved ones will inevitably invite us over "to barbecue." But confusion sets in when one is only greeted by burgers and a few sad looking hot dogs. Where are the dry-rubbed ribs and pork shoulder sandwiches? Why would our neighbors misappropriate the good name of barbecue when they really mean, "grilling out."

At LocalEats® we take our barbecue (and barbecue terminology) seriously. To kick off the beginning of the 2012 summer season, we're pleased to announce the winners of our first annual 20 Best Barbecue Restaurants in America. This year's picks include a mix of both town and country and a variety of regional styles from the Carolinas to Texas, through Kansas City and Memphis and even up to Portland and Chicago. Be it wet or dry ribs, slow-smoked whole hog or brisket burnt ends, topped with mustard, vinegar or tomato-based sauces, if it's among the country's best barbecue, we've got it covered.

The winning selections represent the opinions of LocalEats' editorial staff, which has spent months researching, compiling and drawing from their personal experiences and collective barbecue obsession. LocalEats Editorial Director Pat Embry headed the selection committee and is excited about the final result. "The winners of our top 20 barbecue restaurants not only serve outstanding barbecue, but are unique places for discerning diners, families, and barbecue connoisseurs alike. Choosing the winners was not an easy task considering the outstanding quality of all our nominees, but we're confident it's a worthy representation of the very best barbecue restaurants in America."

LocalEats 20 Best Barbecue Restaurants in America for 2012, in alphabetical order:

17th Street BBQ - Murphrysboro, Marion, O'Fallon, and Sparta, IL
Angelo's Bar-B-Que - Fort Worth, TX
Arthur Bryant's Barbecue - Kansas City, MO & KS
The Bar-B-Q Shop - Memphis, TN
Bill Spoon's Barbecue - Charlotte, NC
Central BBQ - Memphis, TN
Clyde Cooper's Barbecue - Raleigh, NC
Fette Sau - Brooklyn, NY
Franklin Barbecue - Austin, TX
Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue - Kansas City and Olathe, KS
Kreuz Market - Lockhart, TX
Louie Mueller Barbecue - Taylor, TX
Podnah's Pit Barbecue - Portland, OR
Pappy's Smokehouse - St. Louis, MO
Scott's Bar-B-Q - Hemingway, SC
Scott's-Parker's Bar-B-Q - Lexington, TN
Slows Bar B Q - Detroit, MI
Smoque BBQ - Chicago, IL
Snow's BBQ - Lexington, TX
Wilber's Barbecue - Goldsboro, NC

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