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Pressure Cooking and Glycemic Index Snacks - New Food Books

Food preservation has become increasingly popular so families can enjoy nature’s bounty even during the depths of winter. Food can be processed in a pressure cooker so that it maintains appearance, texture and nutrients while slowing spoilage. The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Pressure Cooking takes the guess work out of this age old, but effective way of making and preserving good food. Seasoned food author Carole Johnson and gourmet chef Patrice Johnson offer more than 200 simple and delicious step-by-step recipes to use with any pressure cooker. Their book:

• Explains how pressure cookers work and how to use them efficiently and safely
• Includes wonderful recipes for each meal of the day
• Shares recipes for dishes from roasts and stews, to soups and grains, to scrumptious desserts

Using a pressure cooker to preserve food is an efficient way to get the most out of summer’s harvest through winter’s cold.

About the Authors
Carole Jacobs (Meadows Inyokem, Calif.), the former food and nutrition editor of Shape magazine and currently the fitness editor of Travelgirl magazine, writes frequently about nutrition, food, healthy diets, weight loss, health, fitness, and travel for many national publications. A syndicated writer with United Press Syndicate, she has co-authored three cookbooks, including The Everything Juicing Guide, Detox for the Rest of Us, and Fat-Free and Fit.

Chef Patrice Johnson (Ridgecrest, Calif.) is a high honors graduate of the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, California, where she received a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Degree. She is the author of Uncut: The Inside Story of Culinary School and the co-author of The Everything Juicing Book and Detox for the Rest of Us. Her personal chef business, Mystique, specializes in catering and everyday weekly dinners. She teaches a variety of cooking classes for children and adults.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Pressure Cooking
ISBN: 9781615640737, September 2011, $18.95
Authors: Carole Jacobs (Meadows Inyokem, Calif.) and Chef Patrice Johnson (Ridgecrest, Calif.)


The Glycemic Index, or GI, is the latest tool available to help combat excess weight and glucose management disorders such as diabetes by measuring the carbohydrate load for nearly every food. Properly used, it can serve as a guide to help people manage their eating habits. The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Glycemic Index Snacks includes:

• Healthy, low GI snacks for each portion of the day
• Vegetarian and vegan alternatives in addition to standard fare
• Healthy, low GI snacks for kids
• Snacks for entertaining or special occasions

With GI a growing diet trend in health management, this book provides great recipes that are hassle-free that stick to a plan.

About the Authors
Lucy Beale (Sandy, Utah) is a wellness coach and lectures extensively on health issues. Her books include The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Low-Carb Meals, The Complete Idiot’s Guide® Glycemic Index Cookbook, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to the Glycemic Index Weight Loss, Second Edition. Her website is
Julie Alles, RD (Taylorsville, Ky.) is a registered licensed dietitian in private practice which involves functional and integrative medical nutrition. She holds a bachelor's degree in clinical nutrition from East Carolina University including an internship and graduate work from Indiana University/Purdue University in Indianapolis. Her website is
The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Glycemic Index Snacks
ISBN: 9781615640829, September 2011, $16.95
Authors: Lucy Beale (Sandy, Utah) and Julie Alles, RD (Taylorsville,Ky.)

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