Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too With Some Help From XyloSweet!

For many, the holiday season sparks fond memories of family get-togethers, gift-giving, wintery nights spent by the fireplace, and most importantly the delicious aroma of fresh baked treats coming from the kitchen. The smell of grandma’s chocolate chip cookies alone is enough to bring a smile to the faces of all. J Although those cookies are just the thing to hit the spot with an ice cold glass of milk, we all can’t help but feel guilty about the high amounts of calories and sugar we’re consuming.

Rather than fretting about sugar intake this year, why not bake your favorite treats with XyloSweet, a xylitol-based sweetener. Xylitol is an all natural sweetener derived from corn cobs, strawberries, plums, and other natural sources, and is similar to sugar in taste and texture but with unique and surprising health benefits not found in other artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes. Xylitol contains 40 percent fewer calories than sugar, has a net carb level of only 0.4 per gram, and has minimal impact on blood-sugar levels, making it an appropriate sugar substitute for diabetics with a sweet tooth.

XyloSweet, made by Xlear, Inc. (pronounced “clear,” the leading manufacturer of xylitol based products in the United States,, is the perfect alternative for health-conscious sweets lovers. In addition to being a superb option for those with diabetes, XyloSweet also helps promote good dental health and hygiene. NO, it isn’t too good to be true; baking with xylitol not only saves you calories, it also reduces the risk of tooth decay! XyloSweet offers parents, kids and grandparents the chance to create delicious holiday treats without sugar, while delivering health benefits to both teeth and body.

Offered in a variety of package sizes, including 1 lb. for $7.95, 3 lb. for $19.95, 5 lb. for $27.95, and even small packets for $9.95 per box, XyloSweet is available for purchase online at, and at all Whole Foods locations nationwide.

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