Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Varieties in Winona Pure 100% Natural Spray Cooking Oils

With the success of the original three flavors of Winona Pure cooking sprays, Winona Foods has added an additional five varieties: Butter Flavored Canola Oil, Lemon Butter Flavored Canola Oil, Garlic Butter Flavored Canola Oil, Balsamic & Olive Oil, and Popcorn Butter Flavored Canola Oil.

These five new flavors join the original three—100% Canola Oil, 100% Olive Oil, and 100% Sunflower Oil—for a total of eight varieties of All-Natural Spray Cooking Oils. Winona Pure is known for being all-natural, with no additives. Even the packaging is specially designed for maximum freshness and flavor without sacrificing convenience.

“The food revolution is thriving,” says David Meyer, Vice President of Winona Foods, “and Winona Pure is meeting consumers right at home with creative and inspiring flavors of spray oils that make any home cook feel like an Iron Chef.”

And now, with the addition of these new flavors, Winona Pure cooking oil can be used to make all your cooking more healthful, convenient, and satisfying. From grilling and frying to pastas and salads, all of them can be enhanced with Winona Pure’s flavorful and healthy cooking oils.

The secret is in the Winona Pure bottles themselves, which provide the convenience of a spray bottle without aerosols, alcohol, and silicone. Pure freshness, pure flavor. Winona Foods is proud to offer cooking oils that appeal to both health-conscious and eco-conscious consumers.

How it Works: Winona Pure uses vacuum technology to create easy-to-use packaging that provides a fine, even spray without the use of propellants, while featuring an opaque bottle that protects the contents from contaminants and light. Additionally, the spray nozzle is designed for variable distribution. Press gently to dribble oil from the nozzle, press harder for an even mist.
The Benefits: Winona Pure is formulated without additives and chemicals, and has only one ingredient: the oil itself. Winona Pure appeals to any health-conscious consumer interested in a heart-healthy diet. Furthermore, because Winona Pure doesn’t use any aerosols and doesn’t have contents under pressure, the packaging is 100% recyclable, and uses less material overall, reflecting Winona Foods commitment to being Earth-friendly.

For more information, to order online, or locate retail outlets near you, visit, or call 920-662-2184.

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