Friday, September 16, 2011

28BLACK A New Line of Acai Premium Drinks

International Holding company, CALIDRIS 28 AG, celebrates the US launch of 28BLACK and 28WHITE, the first all-natural beverages powered by the açaí berry. 28BLACK and 28WHITE reject synthetic ingredients like taurine, artificial flavors and preservatives, and stand for a new generation of premium drinks with better taste, reduced aesthetic design and a revolutionary formula that simultaneously promotes natural energy with a longer-lasting effect.

Made from a unique blend of high quality all-natural ingredients, 28BLACK and 28WHITE fuse better taste and functionality. Lightly carbonated with a burst of invigorating açaí berry flavor, 28BLACK contains Q10, Vitamins B6, B12, guarana and isomaltulose, a natural form of sugar that is found in honey and sugar cane. This sugar is metabolized by the body at a slower pace than refined sugar and provides a more balanced and longer-lasting effect. It does not lead to a fast drop in blood sugar levels like other carbohydrates and sugars. 28WHITE is a sugar-free, zero calorie, stevia sweetened version of the drink and is the only true alternative to 28BLACK.

“Our goal is to introduce and distribute high quality, all-natural premium products with forward thinking ingredients, timeless design, functionality and superior taste,” said Shiro Gutzie, CEO of the Los Angeles-based sub-holding CALIDRIS 28 USA. “Our first global product 28BLACK, is presented in a sleek, matte black slim can and symbolizes our concept based on our claim, ‘The Day Has 28 Hours’ – allowing consumers four more hours for socializing, creative endeavors and the pursuit of personal passions.”

Since its inception in Germany in 2008, 28BLACK has secured itself as a distinctly different drink among various audiences. It’s appreciated by those who think and work creatively amidst hectic city life, for those with active social lives and for those with trendsetting sense of style.

28BLACK and 28WHITE are now available in the US through select retailers in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. For more information, visit

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