Monday, June 21, 2010

New Food Device

Are you ready for some good news that’s easy to swallow? There’s a new straw on the market changing the way people not only drink, but eat too. Meet, Straw-lution, the only straw on the market that offers an anchor to keep your straw in place. This new fangled straw makes a variety of cups and food containers less messy and more portable because the straw actually stays put.

Straw-lution, is great for people in cars, outdoors, kids in strollers, and people on the go. Plus, people can now drink soft foods like baby food, yogurt, pudding, and applesauce anywhere they are all thanks to Straw-lution. By simply pushing the straw through the top of the container, people ages nine months to ninety years, can enjoy a snack free from spoons and mess. Straw-lution, is perfect for homes, restaurants and on the go! Plus, the best part is its price that allows the straws to be either disposable or re-used (depending on your preference).

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