Monday, June 21, 2010

How to Throw the Ultimate 4th of July BBQ

With July 4th just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your ultimate Red, White and Blue BBQ bash!

Why not celebrate this year’s Independence Day by becoming a knowledgeable host and throw an upscale party that your guests will be sure to talk about all summer long.

In addition to spicing up your average BBQ burger with some Beemster Mustard Seed cheese, Michael Blum, cheese expert for Beemster, a gourmet Dutch cheese company, can discuss the following backyard beer and cheese pairing tips that will give your party that extra special touch:

· Get Fresh – Young and fresh cheeses taste best with lighter beers, perfect for summer. A good rule of thumb is the more mild the cheese, the lighter the beer.

· Oldie but Goodie –More aged cheeses, hard cheeses, such as Beemster X-O that have rich deep flavors should be paired with stouts as the wide range of flavors in the cheese complement the malty taste of dark beers.

· Strong and Sweet – Blue cheeses are very pungent, so they are best with a sweeter beer. Take advantage of the season and purchase a fruity flavored beer such as raspberry ale.

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