Friday, June 25, 2010

Eat Carbs, Get Slim For Life

Pasta (bad). Bread (off-limits). Pizza (not in this lifetime). If this sounds a lot like the nagging voice inside your head when you imagine your favorite foods, you’ve been doing yourself—and your waistline—a huge disservice. That’s why you must read the first-ever diet book from Health, the leading authority on healthy living: THE CARBLOVERS DIET (Oxmoor House; August 2010; Hardcover; $24.95; ISBN 978-0-8487-3370-4).

For decades the diet industry has said that your favorite foods make you fat, bloated, and sluggish. You followed their advice. Then you gained weight, felt deprived—and blamed yourself. It’s not your fault. Millions of other people jumped on the low-carb bandwagon too, and we as a nation got FATTER than ever before!

This book reveals the hidden truth—well known to weight-loss scientists—that eating carbs is the only proven way to get and stay thin for good. Moreover, hundreds of new studies show that a breakthrough ingredient called Resistant Starch, found exclusively in carb-filled foods, has the power to turn off your appetite, turn on your metabolism, and improve your health and mood!

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