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Taste of the Village (NYC) with Recipe

All of New York City is invited to get a Taste of the Village from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. on September 16th, 2009. For one night only, the Village Alliance will be hosting its 7th Annual Taste of the Village to benefit the renovation of world renowned Washington Square Park. Hosted by the Village Alliance, The Taste of the Village will feature the best restaurants throughout Greenwich Village.

Where else in Manhattan can you stimulate your most important senses - smell, sight, and of course taste – for less than a night out on the town? The answer is –only at Taste of the Village in Washington Square Park under the iconic Park Arch. Come to the premiere tasting event in New York City’s quintessential Historic Neighborhood.

Benefiting the renovation of Washington Square Park, the evening is an epicurean’s delight with food from 25 restaurants and specialty cuisine boutiques. Food and drink ranging from decadent chocolates to wines and beer will be showcased for ticket holders to truly experience the unique flavors and distinctive tastes that Greenwich Village has to offer.

“Now in our 7th year we are proud that this is an event that everyone can enjoy and afford.” said Honi Klein, Executive Director of The Village Alliance. “For less than the cost of dinner at just one of the Village restaurants, New Yorkers and people from all over the Tri-State area can sample an array of signature dishes and indulgent deserts.”

As a night on the town gets more expensive in NYC, Taste of the Village tickets remain at $40 for the 6th consecutive year and can be purchased at the Village Alliance office or by mail to Village Alliance, 8 East 8th Street, New York, NY 10003.

A sampling of last year’s participants included: Blue Hill, Elettaria, Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Australian Homemade, Cho Cho San, 8th Street Wine Cellar, Jack Bistro, Knickerbocker Bar and Grill, LaPalapa Cocina Mexicana, North Square and Sushi Samba.
FOR YOUR READERS – A sample of what can be had at the Taste of The Village: A Recipe from Greenwich Villages own Award Winning Chef Akhtar Nawab of Elettaria, 33 West 8th Street, Greenwich Village, NYC.
Pork Ribs, Garam Masala, Yogurt, Lychee Puree

1 rack baby back Berkshire pork rib

Lychee Puree

1 can lychees in water
26 grams pectin

Garam Masala

2.25 oz cumin seeds
1.6 oz coriander seeds
2 oz cardamom seeds
1.6 oz black peppercorns
3 (3-inch) stick cinnamon, broken up
1 each whole cloves
1 ea grated nutmeg
2 chilis
1# onions julienne
1# yogurt

For the Lychee Puree, drain the contents of the can and rinse the fruit. Puree and turn into a medium pot to simmer. When reduced by ½ add the pectin. Cook until the puree returns to a boil and thickens. Cool.

For the Garam Masala, in a heavy pan, over medium heat, roast all the spices until well browned and aromatic. Cool. Transfer to a blender and puree until it turns into a powder.

Sweat the onions, when ½ cooked, add the spice mixture and the yogurt. Cook over low heat until very dry. Cool.

When the onions mixture is cool, pack the mixture on to the ribs and leave to marinate overnight.

In a large pan, add the rack of ribs and pour 4 cups water into the pan. The ribs should be sitting over the water by an inch. Cover with foil and steam at 350 for about three hours or until tender.

In the last 10 minutes of cooking, remove the foil and roast at 500 degrees until crispy.

Recipe from Elettaria Restaurant.

About the Village Alliance
The Village Alliance is a Business Improvement District (BID) that focuses on improving services and keeping the area clean, safe and inviting for all those that live, work, study or visit the district. Part of our ongoing efforts include marketing, landscaping and capital improvements to enhance the community of interests in the BID and to attract as broad an audience as possible for the goods and services offered in the Village Alliance district.
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