Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Edition of Healthy Highways Boasts 1000 New Listings

Best-selling food writers Nikki & David Goldbeck, authors of the second edition of Healthy Highways: The Travelers Guide to Healthy Eating (Ceres Press, $19.95, Second Ed., 2009) have been writing about health oriented food for almost forty years. They have witnessed many changes in the American food scene, but say they are impressed that their guide has grown by almost 1000 new listings in just five years.

The Goldbecks want you to find the healthiest eateries because as they say “you are where you eat.” That’s why they have produced two editions of this guide to healthy eateries which lists vegetarian, vegan and those who have shown a commitment to healthy eating.

Healthy Highways is fast becoming the essential guide to healthy eating while on the highways and byways of the USA. Many people now keep their copy in the glove compartment next to the maps and GPS. The new edition despite being almost 100 pages longer than the first edition is only one dollar more. An added value is the free and exclusive updates on for the book's owners.

Healthy Highways is arranged alphabetically by state and city for all 50 states. A unique feature are the state maps which the authors created to help travelers locate listings geographically. Naturally every entry in this succinct guide starts with the basics: address, phone number and hours of operation. Graphic symbols next to each entry indicate whether travelers will find a sit down meal or groceries to restock a cooler or picnic basket.

But the authors don’t stop there. In addition basic attributes is a bulleted list of what the establishment offers, such as: organic produce, vegetarian or vegan friendly, fresh juice, alcohol, seating and service style (wait staff or full service), take-out, and more. The Goldbecks add that, "not only does Healthy Highways help people eat better on the road, it also gives them an opportunity to see parts of the country that often whiz by.”

Among the listings are eateries ranging from drive-through to gourmet. There are several innovative health-conscious restaurant chains, beachside and open air venues, vegetarian street carts, all-vegetarian hospital and university cafeterias, ethnic restaurants that specialize in vegetarian or organic fare, clubs and pubs featuring vegetarian/natural food, and haute cuisine “tasting menus." There are also locations where travelers can find prepackaged foods, natural beverages and healthy snacks.

Healthy Highways Always Up-to-Date

To keep Healthy Highways current, changes to listings are posted by users and the authors on Moreover, book owners will be able to download an exclusive supplement of new locations as they are discovered. The website also includes record of favorite Goldbeck travel and health resources, such as locations of swimming pools, national parks and pet friendly hotels.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Nikki and David Goldbecks’ pioneering books have had a powerful influence on the way America eats for more than three decades. Best known for their 1970’s bestseller The Supermarket Handbook, and their widely acclaimed American Wholefoods Cuisine, the Goldbecks are also authors of The Good Breakfast Book, The Healthiest Diet in the World, and Eat Well, the YoChee Way. David’s latest book is The ABC’s of Fruits & Vegetables and Beyond.

Healthy Highways
Price: $19.95
Pages: 500
Pub Date: Spring/Summer 2009
Printed on recycled paper

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