Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bianca’s Gourmet Delicious Italian Appetizers & Condiments

Bianca’s Gourmet makes Mediterranean-style appetizers and condiments with organic, fresh and natural ingredients from Italy, Greece and the United States. The company was founded to share its delectable Old World family recipes with a New World audience. Each product offers distinctive tastes and flavors from regions around the Mediterranean, and is hand-crafted in small batches that are rich in taste. Chemical and preservative free, Bianca’s Gourmet's newest product is:

Orange Apple Cranberry Chutney: This sweet and tart chunky chutney is a wonderful alternative to traditional cranberry sauce and is delicious en croute with brie, baked inside a puff pastry with brie, or served over cream cheese on a bagel or with crackers.

SMRP: Orange Apple Cranberry Chutney - $6.59 / 9 oz jar

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Celia said...

That cranberry chutney sounds wonderful as an italian appetizer! I'll have to give that a try. I like that Bianca's Gourmet is preservative free...very important. I also get great old world Italian foods and recipes from Volpi, their deli meats are great. Thanks again for the recipe!