Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summit Spring Unviels New Packaging and Limited Edition Retro Bottle

Summit Spring (, bottled water from one of the oldest and most revered natural following spring in North America, has unveiled a new, modernized packaging to hit shelves this month. The company’s extensive history has long been an integral part of its marketing and bottling components, and the new packaging allows for a contemporary edge while also maintaining the rich history and historic value behind Summit Spring.

When redesigning the label, the history of the brand was taken into full consideration and is consisted and complimentary with the lineage of the spring. Designer Taja Dockendorf, of T.Doc Creative, borrowed elements of work from the 1800s and 1930s. The new look maintains the spring’s historic ties, promotes Summit Spring as a refreshingly pure water source, and visually distinguishes the product from imitators.

“The redesign of the packaging is more attractive and contemporary, which will appeal to both our current Summit Spring drinkers and attract new consumers,” said Bryan Pullen, President of Summit Spring. “Summit Spring has a reputation of providing consumers with the purest water that only Mother Nature herself can provide, and the new bottle design reflects the exceptional quality and heritage of the brand.”

Behind the company’s rich history, the packaging over the course of centuries tells the unique story behind Summit Spring. Dating back to the 1700s, early town records describe the spring as ”to drink of God's only beverage for man or beast at Summit Spring, that fountain of life, the drinking from which will renew the youth of the old, if any such a place was ever created…”

Paying homage to its storied heritage, Summit Spring is also releasing a limited edition retro glass packaging that features a label dating back to the company’s roots. The gold label features the iconic eagle, which was created as the icon for Summit Spring when Christian Science Monitor illustrator L. Franklin Zelm purchased the Summit Spring hotel and incorporated the eagle into the branding. Van Zelm created the illustration of the crown eagle still seen on Summit Spring labels today, in honor of Summit Hill’s historic reputation as a breeding ground for eagles.

“The limited edition retro glass bottle embraces the rich heritage of Summit Spring, celebrating the evolution over time,” Pullen noted. “The retro bottle takes us back in time and reminds consumers of the roots of Summit Spring, which has been revered as one of the purest natural water resources in the world for centuries.”

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About Summit Spring
Summit Spring has been celebrated for its uncommon purity since the beginning of its recorded history. One of the oldest and most revered natural free-flowing springs in North America, Summit Spring is surrounded by pristine Maine forest and has been protected for centuries. The unspoiled spring bubbles up naturally, producing some of the purest natural-source water on the planet – and unlike most bottled water, Summit Spring bubbles from the Earth with a natural purity only Mother Nature’s filtration process can provide. Historical documents dating back to 1792 cite the spring’s remarkable purity, and since its first commercial sale in the 1800s, it has continued to provide consumers with the purest water. Great care has been taken to protect and preserve the integrity of Summit Spring over the years, and to this day, the water is still collected in the original town spring house without the use of pumps or other artificial means, delivering water of the purest quality to consumers.

Summit Spring Water is one of a select few bottled waters to carry the State of Maine’s “Premium Grade” designation, meeting the very stringent quality and testing guidelines developed by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Summit is also the first and only bottled-water company allowed membership in MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association), another distinguished and respected organization that enforces very strict rules and requirements for membership.

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