Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Secret" Recipes for moms everywhere!

Just in time for Mother’s Day comes a collection of “recipes” for People-Pleasing Tossed Salad; Mother-in-Law Fruitcake; Soufflé of Fallen Expectations; and A Fairly Satisfactory Family Stew—

Flavored with frustration, simmering with rage, and iced with affection, SECRET RECIPES FOR THE MODERN WIFE: All the Dishes You’ll Need to Make from the Day You Say “I Do” Until Death (or Divorce) Do You Part (Fireside/Simon & Schuster; April 7, 2009; $12.00/Paperback; 1-4165-8084-0), by Nava Atlas, is the perfect companion for today’s busy, overextended, and occasionally conflicted wife. Enveloped in this funny faux 1950’s cookbook are the secrets—delicious, distressing, and everything in between—to help women through all the challenges of modern matrimony.

Whether a new bride or an old hand at wedded less-than-bliss, every wife (or ex-wife) will savor this scrumptiously sarcastic portrait of contemporary marriage. Hilarious, thought-provoking, and cleverly designed, SECRET RECIPES FOR THE MODERN WIFE skewers today’s cultural norms with a collection of “recipes” that illustrate the subtle madness of matrimony.

Filled with retro art that hearkens back to a bygone, blander age, SECRET RECIPES FOR THE MODERN WIFE grills societal norms with gleeful relish, but never loses sight of marriage’s simple, loving message. The result is a unique blend of art, wisdom, and commentary that no woman will read without immediately thinking of five friends who must have it.

View a video trailer about the book here: http://secretrecipes.navaatlas.com/2009/04/watch-secret-recipes-trailer.html

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