Friday, April 24, 2009

'MEAT: A Love Story' by Susan Bourette

In this enlightened era of “green” living and deliberately healthier eating, the question still remains: How does a conscientious meat-loving American get to have her meat and eat it, too—free of guilt?

This May, that great modern gustatory dilemma is answered with the paperback edition of the acclaimed MEAT: A Love Story by Susan Bourette (Berkley Trade Paperbacks; May 5 2009; $15.00; 978-0-425-22756-5). After spending a week working undercover at a slaughterhouse, tormented by the inhumane conditions, Susan Bourette decided to go vegetarian…but she lasted a whole five weeks and thirty-seven hours.

MEAT follows Susan Bourette’s real-life quest for superior meat, a search for ways to satisfy her taste for her favorite food group without supporting the horrific conditions in which most meat-producing animals are raised. Humorous yet authoritative, MEAT celebrates the deliciousness of being a carnivore and the lives of the passionate professionals who hunt, raise and cook meat—humanely.

As honest as it is entertaining, as wittily written as it is insightful, and essential as an antidote
to all the misinformation about the raising, cooking, and eating of meat,
Meat: A Love Story is not a polemic but a well-reasoned,
well-researched addition to the literature of food culture."
—John Mariani, Esquire Magazine food columnis

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