Tuesday, July 29, 2008

VE2 Energy Gum

After unleashing its signature product only weeks ago, VE2 Laboratories is pleased to announce that Chartered Distribution Services (CDS) of Los Angeles, CA, will distribute VE2 Energy Gum to Fry's Electronics customers across the country.

Two pieces of sugar-free VE2 Energy Gum are equal to an 8oz. cup of coffee or an energy drink, and the gum is crammed with energy-sustaining ingredients like vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, ginseng and guarana, delivering increased alertness and endurance without the "crash" of other energy products. Plus, with its environmentally conscious sleeveless packaging designed to minimize the waste of paper, VE2 Energy Gum has already earned legions of fans that have been waiting anxiously for the product to come to their local store shelves.

"When we originated the idea for VE2 Energy Gum, we knew that there was a substantial market for the product," said John Katsoulis, co-founder of VE2 Laboratories. "Signing a distribution deal with such a highly-esteemed chain as Fry's Electronics was the next logical step for us in bringing VE2 Energy Gum to consumers everywhere."

Maria Long, the café division buyer for Fry's, was introduced to VE2 at the 2008 All Candy Expo in May, and knew immediately that it was the perfect product for the chain's high-energy clientele. "We have always prided ourselves on providing our customers with a wide variety of high-quality products that range from computer chips to potato chips," said Long. "Fry's is happy to add VE2 to the great selection of products available to our customers."

With the help of Chartered Distribution Services, VE2 Energy Gum will now be available at all Fry's Electronics locations throughout California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Oregon and Washington.

"We're optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead for VE2 Energy Gum," continued John Katsoulis. "Before long, we're confident that rather than saying, 'wake up and smell the coffee,' our customers will be waking up and chewing some VE2 Energy Gum!"

About VE2
VE2 Energy Gum was created by Emergency Room doctor Andres Sasson and entrepreneur John Katsoulis, who recognized a need in the marketplace for a great tasting, sugar-free product with a unique delivery system that did not land you in the restroom after consumption. After two years of market research and packaging R&D, Sasson and Katsoulis launched the VE2 brand at the 2008 All Candy Expo in Chicago. VE2 is the first sugar-free energy gum to boast great taste and eco-friendly packaging. Two pieces are the perfect pick-me-up when you're partying late, working hard or playing sports - or any time you need a boost. Throw some in your pocket, purse, glove compartment or desk - so you're always sharp when you need to be.

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