Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Chilean Fair Trade Honey Announced

Chileangourmet, an environmentally and socially responsible producer of indigenous gourmet foods from Chile, today announces new fair trade Chilean raw honeys that have been hand collected and enjoyed domestically for centuries. There are no preservatives or additives, nor are they heat treated in any step of the production process.


Ulmo Tree honey – Produced from the Ulmo Tree, a native Chilean species that has unique camellia-like flowers, this rare honey has a delicate floral aroma, light creamy texture and buttery smooth sweetness.

Tiaca Honey - Also known as the “white honey.” It is made exclusively from bees pollinating the flowers of the Tiaca tree and is available in extremely limited quantities. This honey is hand harvested in the Lake Region, 650 miles south of Santiago, the Chilean capital, and produces a unique light/clear color and creamy texture.

Native Tree Honey - A multifloral honey produced from bees pollinating a variety of indigenous flowering plants, all growing under sustainable conditions for their preservation. It has a light golden color, consistency that sites between liquid and whipped, and a sharp sweet taste that ends with a delicate floral finish.

These honeys will be available nationally at Whole Foods, Balducci’s and other gourmet specialty food markets nationwide. Raw honey from Chileangourmet supports over 30 beekeeping families in Temuco, Chile, where they are produced. Please visit www.chileangourmet.cl.

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Anonymous said...

This is the best honey I've every tried!!! I couldn't stop eating it!