Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here's To Your Health

With food allergies severely on the rise, many people are choosing to make drastic changes in their diets and what they eat! Consumers are choosing less synthetic, processed foods, avoiding known allergens and choosing Chia Goodness - Breakfast Cereal: Start a super day with super RAW foods! Based on chia, one of Dr. OZ Devya Indian Gourmet products: www.ruthshempfoods.com

Looking for a healthy, delicious, and nutritious meal solution for dinner tonight without added junk? Devya Indian Gourmet introduces their Certified Organic, Vegan, Ready to Eat Meals, Gluten Free Indian Simmer sauces or marinades, and Pappadums. These tasty meal solutions make preparing an ethnic dish for the sophisticated palate quick and simple! www.devyaindiangourmet.com

Pure Fun
Organic Hot Chocolate: Craving a rich mug of Hot Chocolate? Finally, a tasty organic and healthier option is available, and this line is a chocolate lover's dream! http://www.purefun.ca/

The brothers of Boulevards Organics have created a flavorful and aromatic dark hot chocolate mix to dazzle! www.blvdsorganics.com

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