Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chocolate Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2008

A deep, fruity and full chocolate experience is always a good holiday gift bet. As you’re making your list and checking it twice, Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate has something special for everyone – from the Foodie in your life to your Eco-Friendly best friend!

Green & Black’s sources only the finest organic cocoa beans to deliver the most intense and best tasting chocolate. With a wide range of unique flavors – White, Milk, Dark 70%, Dark 85%, Cherry, Mint, Ginger, Almond, Espresso, Toffee, Caramel, Maya Gold, Hazelnut & Currant – Green & Black’s offers a stylish selection that delivers the best of both worlds – great taste and the finest organic ingredients – for everyone on your shopping list!

For the Milk Chocolate lover: Some flavors just never go out of style. For the person on your list with a sweet tooth, the Green & Black’s Milk Collection will tickle their taste buds. The collection includes the popular flavors Milk, Caramel, Almond, and Green & Black’s latest indulgent offering Toffee.

For the Dark Chocolate lover: Nothing says “Happy Holidays” better than the Green & Black’s Dark Collection. With 8 delicious flavors to choose from – Dark 70%, Dark 85%, Cherry, Espresso, Hazelnut & Currant, Maya Gold, Mint, Ginger – the chocolate connoisseur on your list will be thanking you for months to come.

For your special someone: Everyone knows that chocolate is one of the most romantic foods on the planet. And nothing says “I Love You” better than the Green & Black’s Romance Collection. Whether you’re looking for something traditional such as our popular Cherry flavor, or want to let your special someone know they are as good as Maya Gold, Green & Black’s has got you covered in the romance department.

For your younger siblings: If you’ve been racking your brain for gift ideas for your wacky younger sibling that is impossible to shop for, look no further than the Green & Black’s Nut collection. Old favorites such as Almond and Hazelnut & Currant make the perfect gift for you to enjoy all the “nutty” moments you’ve shared together

For your best friend: Lost on an idea for your very best friend? Why not make a personal statement about your friendship with the unique flavors of Green & Blacks Chocolate. Let your best friend know that your relationship is Mint and that you enjoy the outrageous, spicy, and Ginger times you’ve had together.

For your boss/co-workers: Shopping for your boss and co-workers is always difficult. Finding a thoughtful, satisfying and appreciated gift isn’t easy, but the Green & Black’s Office Collection has something for the entire staff. If you’re trying to smooth things over with your boss, go with the silky Caramel. For your buddies that you chat with over coffee every morning, go with the Espresso bar – a wonderful compliment to coffee. And for your cube mate go with the new, crunchy Toffee bar.

For the Eco-Friendly: Green & Black’s is the perfect gift that gives back for the Eco-Friendly! Green & Black’s uses only the best tasting organic beans that are grown free of pesticides, sprays and chemicals. Your Eco-Friendly loved ones will thoroughly enjoy the complex taste of our Fair Trade Maya Gold bar– a unique mix of dark chocolate with orange and spices – as well as appreciate that Green & Black’s pays fair prices directly to the cocoa growers.

For the Undecided: Unsure of what to get your babysitter? Dog walker? In-laws? Why not take advantage of the holiday season to introduce them to Green & Black’s. Pick up the entire range of bars – from White to Dark 85% – or mix and match based on that person’s tastes.

For the Party-Goer: Heading out to the annual holiday party and don’t want to arrive empty handed? Green & Black’s has recently introduced special bags featuring 23 individually wrapped bite-size pieces of delicious organic chocolate, available in both Milk and Dark 70% and perfect for sharing with friends. The bags are available at retailers such as CVS, Target and Rite Aid across the country. For more information, log on to

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