Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gift Giving this Year May Be Different

It’s July – time to start thinking about the Christmas Holiday season, right? But, for the corporate gift giver, this year needs to be different.

“We are in the midst of tougher economic times with higher gas prices, inflated healthcare costs and higher prices on everyday items,” notes Hall Hitzig, The Crazy Baker. “This year, corporations will be taking extra care in selecting their gifts.”

In a recent survey by The Crazy Baker and Inside Small Biz, over 50% of corporate gift givers said they prefer giving food gifts.

“In today’s world of consumerism and ‘stuff,’ along with the shift in the economy, we find that gift recipients are most grateful for food gifts because they represent a heart-felt expression of care,” adds Hitzig.

But, it’s not only food gifts that are catching the eye of corporations this year; it’s also food gifts that are healthy and wholesome.

“At The Crazy Baker, we have delicious and luscious desserts like our Sticky Toffee Pudding and X-treme Brownies, which make wonderful gifts and still sell well,” says Hitzig.

But, Hitzig has noticed that his two flavors of Crazy Baker Granola, raisin and cranberry, have started to outpace the premium items.

“One of the key learnings from the survey is that people – both gift givers and gift recipients – want healthy, wholesome food on a regular basis that satisfies not only their nutritional needs, but also a deeper need for wholesome living.” Hitzig notes that corporate gift givers also want to give a message with their gift that they care about the whole person; not just a corporate entity.

As a result, The Crazy Baker has begun offering corporate gift-givers a sample gift pack of its Crazy Baker Granola with Cranberries and its Crazy Baker Granola with Raisins.

“We get ‘love letters’ about our Crazy Baker Granola,” notes Hitzig. “It’s the fresh ingredients that make it so special. It’s a gift that says you really care about someone, not just about the dollars they spend with your corporation throughout the year, but you care about them as a person.”

Crazy Baker Granola contains organic rolled oats, organic raisins or cranberries, walnuts and almonds, and sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds. It’s lightly sweetened with West Virginia honey and a touch of molasses.

The Crazy Baker Granola can be given in bags or as a sampler with a 1 lb. bag of each flavor – raisin and cranberry. The gift sampler is packaged in an environmentally friendly box with colorful interior packing to protect the bags of Granola during shipping. All of The Crazy Baker’s products can be shipped worldwide.

“The feedback we receive on our food gifts is that people love the products, but they also deeply appreciate the love and care that we’ve put into our packaging.” Hitzig goes on to note that their packaging strategy is to use re-usable, recyclable and sustainable packaging.

Hitzig is undeniably passionate about his Crazy Baker Granola and his luscious desserts. And, he is actively involved in the Slow Food movement, which is based on the principles of high quality and taste, environmental sustainability, and social justice within the food system. And, as an advisory board member of the Pierpoint Community and Technical College of Fairmont State University’s Culinary Center, Hitzig provides guidance and direction for the next generation of chefs.

In addition, Hitzig is a charter member of Inside Small Biz, an organization specializing in helping Small Business Owners find growth opportunities. In working with Inside Small Biz, Hitzig has used the insights from the survey to focus on healthy, wholesome foods for his customers.

Hitzig says this about Inside Small Biz, “Having someone to talk to about your goals, and more importantly how to reach your goals, is essential. Of course, if that someone is experienced or knowledgeable, so much the better. The teleconferences from Inside Small Biz are excellent for that. On top of that, a one-to-one discussion is still essential. Another person can help you keep on track with all those projects that you can put to the side while searching for the shiny path to your goal.”

The Crazy Baker, established in 2002 by Hall and Amy Hitzig, creates a wide variety of baked goods and confections, handmade with love and the finest natural ingredients. The Crazy Baker also produces traditional and seasonal specialty items and healthy, wholesome items for everyday consumption. All products are available for shipping worldwide. For a luscious and healthy experience, go to or call 866.440.4797.

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