Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oatmeal on the Run Makes its Debut!

As busy families
search for healthy on-the-go foods, their expectations around taste and
convenience remain high, and they are unwilling to sacrifice when it comes
to flavor and quality. With this in mind, Country Choice Organic, a leading
national maker of organic oatmeal and cookies, has created a healthful
organic treat packed with flavor: introducing Oatmeal on the Run. Oatmeal on
the Run’s soft and chewy ‘grab and go’ oatmeal bars are available in
three tempting flavors — Oatmeal Raisin, Maple, and Apple Cinnamon.
Country Choice Organic thinks its latest offering is perfectly suited for
today’s hectic lifestyles. “Oatmeal on the Run is a nutritious and
satisfying breakfast because there’s a bowl of instant oatmeal baked into
every moist, delicious bar,” says John DePaolis, Chief Cookie Officer at
Country Choice Organic. “Enjoyed as an out-the-door breakfast or on-the-go
snack, our Oatmeal on the Run is a simple way for consumers to go

While formulated as a convenient breakfast, Oatmeal on the Run is also a
perfect snack for kids running to sports and activities, family outings,
hiking…you name it. For anyone ‘on the run’ �and who isn’t these
days?– this tasty new product is the perfect fit.

Suggested MSRP for the five count package is $3.99 (natural stores) to $419
(grocery). Additionally, a nine count convenience store pack/display is now
available in each of the three flavors to allow resale of individual bars;
each single pouch will retail for an MSRP of $.99. The new product is now
available for retailer and distributor orders, and is already arriving on
store shelves nationwide.

“Organic industry growth is driven in large part by mainstream shoppers
looking for healthy products that deliver the same taste and convenience
they get from conventional products,” states DePaolis. “For these
consumers, ‘going organic’ also literally means adding convenient
organic products into their active lifestyles.”

This quest for convenient health has resulted in an explosion of portable
organic beverages and bars designed for away-from-home consumption. This
trend is also found at the drive-thru window, with organic “fast food”
popping up on menus around the country.

“We think Oatmeal on the Run is the best-tasting product available, and it
truly stands alone in the marketplace for its organic content and
nutritional profile,” says DePaolis. “With this combination, we fully
expect this product, if you will excuse the play on words, to run right off
the grocery store shelves.”

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