Sunday, June 17, 2007

World’s First Super Premium “Enhanced Spirit” Rolls Out Across US

SANTA MONICA, CA – April 4, 2007– At upscale bars and in fine spirits outlets across the US, more and more people are buying Ecstasy—and the government isn’t doing anything about it.

That’s because Ecstasy is perfectly legal: it’s the “enhanced spirit” from Encore Brands. Ecstasy has the predominant flavors of pomegranate and citrus. It is seventy-proof, clear in color and is the world’s first super-premium spirit to be enhanced with ginseng, taurine, guarana and a boost of caffeine. Following its launch late last year by Southern Wines & Spirits in Florida and Illinois, Ecstasy has grown quickly. From the Sagamore in South Beach Miami to the Sound Bar in Chicago, Ecstasy has penetrated more than 1200 on-premise locations in Florida and Illinois alone. The brand launched in California, Colorado, Kentucky, New York (all Southern), and Wisconsin (Edison) in the first quarter of this year. New Jersey (distributed by Fedway) and Arizona (Southern) will join the fold this quarter, with more states to come.

According to Patrick Aroff, CEO of Encore Brands which owns Ecstasy Liqueur, “today’s sophisticated consumers are tired of being bombarded by retreads of the same old spirits such as vodkas, tequilas and rums; they are looking for something truly unique that they can enjoy.”

“Ecstasy is the first new spirit that is literally in a class by itself,” Aroff continues. “It has a flavor, texture and smoothness that you won’t find in any of today’s pedestrian lower-proof liqueurs--or in any of those ‘500 times’ distilled, overly-hyped vodkas, tequilas, etc.”

Ecstasy is eminently mixable, yet smooth enough to be consumed straight up. Bartenders have enjoyed being playful and creative with the brand. Some of the more unique recipes include: Ecstasy Champeaux (pronounced “shampoo”) with dry champagne; All Thai’d Up with Ecstasy, champagne, strawberry puree and Thai basil, Morning Ecstasy with fresh grapefruit juice, and Ecstasy In The City with soda, a splash of Chambord and a wedge of lemon. Users can visit for more information and recipes.

As arresting in appearance as it is in flavor and characteristics, Ecstasy comes in a deep red, high-shouldered, soaring frosted glass bottle. The sexy red bottle is easily recognizable on the back bar with its distinctive X logo and is beautiful enough to keep as a decanter.

Founded in 2003, Encore Brands LLC is a marketing company focused on building unique brands in the beverage industry. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Encore has offices in Illinois, Florida and affiliates worldwide.

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