Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pizza Cakes

There is a new bakery in Maineville, OH that specializes in bakingcakes that look like pizzas. We were recently featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer and something unusual and fun. They are extremely realistic and have been purchased for birthdays, holidays and even groom's cakes.

Ok, so what are Pizza Cakes? Well, they are just as the name implies, cakes that look exactly like pizzas: sweet “deep dish crust” cakes topped with all the trimmings. These birthday pizza cakes are one party necessity that you can totally customize without breaking the bank. And your child will adore you for getting them something no one else, not even the local party tsar, has ever offered. You want pepperoni and mushrooms? No problem. Their toppings look just like the real thing. All you have to do is choose what toppings you want and they’ll put it on top of their basic “cheese pizza”. If you don’t have the time, or the brainpower, left to make a rational choice, relax. They also offer five pre-fixed “specialty pizzas” that come with all the toppings your little moppet loves on her pizza. They may even get your child to like veggies. Too bad they’re made of chocolates… and a few other secret sweets.

For something yummy not normally found in a white cardboard pizza box, call: 513-227-9224 or visit their website at www.mypizzacake.com.

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