Monday, June 18, 2007

Inspire Kids to Cook

Parents are always looking for fresh, fun, educational and engaging activities to do with their kids and I have a fantastic suggestion for you to cover in an upcoming product review or parent/child "Activities in the Kitchen" story. Cooking Up Fun! is a wonderful product invented with the young, aspiring chefs of the household in mind. It is an imaginative way for parents to combine art and cooking in an activity that will surely hold their child's attention, all while helping to inspire and shape their creative skills. Simply put, Cooking Up Fun! is the perfect recipe for fun between parents and young cooks! This kit also would make a fabulous holiday gift for the young food connoisseur.

In the constant pursuit of heroism in the eyes of their own kids, dad inventors Eric and Chris Ryan started Noodlehead Fun, Inc., a company that creates and sells artistic, educational crafts and toys for kids and teens. Activities that pull them away from sitting in front of the TV or computer! In this pursuit, Cooking Up Fun! was born.

The Cooking Up Fun! kit comes with all the trimmings any little chef would want, such as a high-quality cooking apron that can be personalized and decorated with the color fabric markers included, a wooden rolling pin and cooking spoon that can also be decorated to their liking and then used to create kid-friendly recipes for food, play clay and goo! Also, great recipes printed on a set of plasticized cards so they can be wiped clean and re-used. So if a mess is made, no big deal!

Please feel free to visit the website too: Cooking Up Fun! can be found under the "Products" section

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