Monday, June 18, 2007

Limoncello: Homemade Summer Apertif Cocktail

With summer months in the distance at that time consumers are putting on their fall coats, but still wanting things that will let them feel as if it were still summer. The revitalizing and refreshing Italian drink Limoncello will always bring the memory of sunny days and sunny dining back to mind. The fresh, taste of lemon has always been the perfect partner as a reminder of those summer days.

Although a lemon’s tart taste may not be what many would choose for an afternoon snack, they can be considered as powerhouses to great refreshing drinks. And, since it was recently reported that California’s January freeze may effect the supply from the nation’s largest producer of lemons come winter, now’s the time to snap them up. Chef Angelo of Cucina D’Angelo has a homemade idea for your readers that will help them figure out what to do with them.

One way to benefit from this cool refreshing fruit is using it to make the delicious, lemony-sweet, cold drink Limoncello. Originating in southern Italy, Limoncello is usually served as a refreshing and strong post-meal digestive on lovely hot days. Chef Angelo of the Italian restaurant Cucina D'Angelo in Boca Raton, FL makes his homemade Limoncello every summer and this one is no exception. It is very light, very refreshing, and the perfect aperitif summer cocktail. Angelo’s Limoncello is 100% homemade and in fact quite easy.

He is offering his recipe to your readers and in the hopes they may use it to “WOW” guests at summertime fetes, try a new beverage for their own after dinner needs or to indulge the DIY spirit of those readers who like to experiment at home.

Cucina D'Angelo is located in The Shops at Boca Center on Military Trail One Mile north of Palmetto Park Rd. in front of the Marriott. For more information on Cucina D'Angelo please visit

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