Saturday, July 14, 2012

Young chef and Internet sensation demystifies the kitchen, and shows college students how to cook for life

If freshman year came with an intro to cooking, more college students just might become lifelong healthy eaters.

But unless you're in culinary school, you won't get a crash course in "Kitchenability." That's where Nisa Burns, a spunky young chef and Internet sensation, comes in.

A culinary graduate of the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Nisa's easy, healthy recipes have gained fans on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube nationwide. Her mission? To show college students how to become best friends with their kitchens in order to feed themselves for life, a process she calls becoming "Kitchen-able." It's about making cooking easy and natural, rather than intimidating and overwhelming.

To that end, Nisa shows students healthy, accessible alternatives to the cafeteria or drive-thru lane with her highly-anticipated cookbook, Kitchenability 101: The College Student¹s Guide to Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Food (October 2012; Paperback $17.95; eBook $7.99), which comes with QR codes linking to Nisa's popular how-to videos.

³It¹s not about having a big, fancy kitchen‹you can have amazing Kitchenability in your dorm room or apartment,² says Nisa. ³It¹s about developing a partnership with your kitchen, knowing what you can do and how you can play in it.²

College readers will learn that it is just as easy (and tasty!) to make an Avocado Lettuce Wrap as it is to heat up a processed TV dinner ­ and usually cheaper, too. Kitchen newbies have Nisa as their guide in each of these recipes, which helps students cook quickly and healthfully on a college budget.

³As you cultivate confidence in the kitchen, you¹ll feel motivated to create foods that fit your lifestyle, instead of just eating whatever is fast and available. Kitchenability is about making awesome foods that nourish and strengthen your mind and body so you can succeed in college and beyond."

Kitchenability 101 offers shopping plans, supply lists, budgeting tips, skills and recipes for cooking in college spaces ­ including dorm rooms, apartments and houses. The QR codes link readers to Nisa's online video demos for delicious dishes like Gnocchi with Pesto, Chicken Mole, Creamy Hummus Dip, and Dark Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Mousse Filling.

NISA BURNS ( is the Chef of a New Generation, appealing to students who want to cook easy, healthy, and delicious food. She is a chef, culinary graduate, author, and speaker. Cooking since she was a child, Nisa is a graduate of the Art Institute of Virginia Beach. Her recipes have gained fans on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube nationwide. She lives in Virginia Beach.

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