Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Quinoa and Sugar-Free Cooking & Baking Cookbooks

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® Quinoa Cookbook

Quinoa, a grain-like seed similar to rice, is a healthy staple food for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free dieters, and anyone looking for a healthy superfood that is easy to make. However, quinoa is surprisingly flavorless, and if improperly cooked or seasoned, will not tempt taste buds or inspire healthy eating. The Complete Idiot’s Guide® Quinoa Cookbook teaches readers how to properly cook and add a variety of delicious flavors and techniques to quinoa. Packed with over 250 recipes, the cookbook teaches readers how to make everything from quinoa pancakes to quinoa carbonara. The cookbook includes quinoa recipes for:

• Quick egg and griddle breakfasts
• Salads – vegetarian and meat-topped
• Sandwiches
• Soups, stews, and chilis
• Easy snacks and appetizers
• Quinoa dinner and desserts

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® Quinoa Cookbook also includes cooking and baking tips for making the perfect quinoa every time, as well as the history and health benefits of this ancient seed.

About the Author Susan Irby (Los Angeles), “The Bikini Chef,” is host of “Bikini Lifestyles” on KABC radio in Los Angeles, as well as America One, Direct TV, and PBS Television. On her show she helps others reach their health goals by focusing on lifestyle changes rather than short-term diets. Irby is a seven-time author including Substitute Yourself Skinny Cookbook, Boost Your Metabolism Cookbook, and her $7-a-Meal Quick & Easy Cookbook, and $7-a-Meal Healthy Cookbook. Visit her at

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® Quinoa Cookbook
ISBN: 9781615641932, July 2012, $18.95
Author: Susan Irby (Los Angeles)

The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Sugar-Free Cooking & Baking

The average American eats a third of a pound of sugar per day and may researchers believe that sugar is as addictive, and dangerous, as drugs and alcohol. Today’s processed foods are packed with refined sugars that raise blood-sugar levels, pack on pounds, cause behavioral problems, and are suspected to be the culprit behind a host of other serious diseases and disorders. The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Sugar-Free Cooking & Baking provides insights into the addictive nature of sugar and ways to break free and gives readers the tools needed to serve their families tasty food without guilt or serious health effects. The guide includes:

• 150 recipes for satisfying meals and delicious desserts without refined sugars
• Kid-friendly snacks without sugar-based behavioral or health repercussions
• The skinny on natural sugar substitutes and a foolproof substitution system for use in favorite recipes
• The truth about unexpected foods that contain hidden and refined sugars—and how to avoid them
• Nutrition planning advice for dieters, diabetics, families with kids, and anyone else who wants or needs to avoid sugar

The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Sugar-Free Cooking & Baking will help readers kick the sugar habit, improve their health, and aid in preventing the onset of serious sugar-related diseases.

About the Author
Liz Scott (New York) is the award-winning author of six books on healthy cooking and eating, including specialty diets such as high fiber, dairy-free, and alcohol-free. She has developed recipes for gluten-free eaters, diabetics, and sugar-free dieters, including My HCG Plus using Stevia and other sweeteners. Recognized by the National Health Information Network for excellence in Patient Education and Information, Liz is also a coveted speaker and consultant at health facilities and treatment centers around the country and is a contributing columnist to numerous online newsletters and blogs including Renew Every Day, the online magazine source for a healthy recovery from substance and food addictions.

The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Sugar-Free Cooking & Baking
ISBN: 9781615641840, July 2012, $18.95
Author: Liz Scott (New York)

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