Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make Snack Time Smart with Bitsy’s Brainfood

The creators of Bitsy’s Brainfood, Alexandra Buckley Voris and Maggie Jones Patton are on a mission to revolutionize snack time. They are committed to the idea that healthy bodies and minds are connected and have launched Bitsy’s Brainfood, the world’s first nutrient rich smart snack for kids.

Alexandra Buckley Voris and Maggie Jones Patton met while working at Children for Children (CFC), a New York based non profit with the mission of mobilizing the energy, ingenuity and compassion of young people to discover their power and potential through volunteering and service learning programs. Among the groundbreaking, nationally recognized programs created under Alex and Maggie’s tenure was Building Healthy Communities, a childhood obesity prevention curriculum that was endorsed by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. It was among the first federally funded programs of its kind. With a mutual desire to make the world a healthier place, Alex and Maggie decided to pursue their long time dream of addressing childhood obesity and the need for smart snacks for families and kids. Thus, Bitsy’s Brainfood was born.

Alex and Maggie believe that every moment in a child’s day is an opportunity for learning. With letter shaped snacks, interactive packaging, cool stickers and characters that spark imagination, Bitsy’s Brainfood not only makes snack time educational but also exciting and fun.

Bitsy’s Brainfood Key Features

· Made with organic ingredients and all natural fruits and veggies
· Available in Zuchini Gingerbread Carrot, Sweet Potato Oatmeal Raisin, Orange Chocolate Beet and Lemon Broccoli
· Excellent source of iron, calcium, vitamins A, B 12, D 3 and Folic Acid
· Made with Omega 3 DHA
· No preservatives, trans fats, artificial colors or flavors
· Available for $2.79 per box at and

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